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Experts: One pace forwards,please.

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John, don't waste energy thinking about the best interest meeting just now, that is several weeks away!

Have you got out your calculator and worked out a figure for Owen's weekly visits and contacted whoever it was who said, "the onus is on you John?" Do that first, before they forget/deny saying it!

I've concentrated on the Ombudsman,sending off a comprehensive email.I've also compiled minutes of the meeting,which I'm sending to the other participants.As I say,they are a council officer and a councillor.The social-worker told me a couple of weeks ago that the latter is "a council employee" and isn't allowed to tell the council what to do.I got the very strong impression at the meeting,not least because she told me the Ombudsman's ruling against the council was "irrelevant" and that I shouldn't criticise the council-officer,that I shouldn't anticipate that councillor would ever back up my version of the meeting,rather than his.Rightly or wrongly,I feel that if he minuted that I shook my fist in his face and threatened him,she'd back him up.It's a dangerous position for me to be in.
I've stressed to the Ombudsman that it's the council-officer's job to determine Owen's needs when at home.His previous estimate that Owen had none is obviously absurd.
I detest the thought of being humiliated by them suggesting,as they have in the past,that I'm seeking to profiteer from Owen.