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Experts: One pace forwards,please.

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Right,I've had a meeting with the council's representative.
At present,I receive £15.00 per week for costs involved in looking after Eliot for 15 hours a week,but nothing for looking after Owen 60 hours.
They told me today that they will consider giving some financial support provided I provide an itemised tender of the costs,ranging from food,extra-room supplement,washing bedding,utility bills,etc.It was suggested that since Owen has one 3-ounce Ensure drink a week provided by the NSH,food costs would be nominal.
Apparently,the council aren't happy that I get Carers' Allowance for Owen,and believe that I should use all or part of my it for his needs because-it may be true-his other benefits are cut as a result.When I asked if Owen makes any saving in paying for his care,utilities,etc. because he's with me,rather than at the supposed 'tenancy' he shares with his brother,they said he didn't,and there was something about something being disregarded,possibly his DLA?
Why are the council not happy that you get carer's allowance if you are caring for him for 60 hours per week? Carer's allowance is for the person that is doing the "caring" not for the person that is being cared for, so that makes no sense at all?
The council went for a full-life removal from the family home,apparently because I showed "a lack of deference to social services".
He's held elsewhere,but is allowed home,despite his disability,several times a week including two nights a week.
The council say that by getting CA,I'm depriving Owen of other benefits,and that he can't make savings based on his not being at the other place for several days each week-apparently he has to contribute towards utility bills,etc.even if he's not there.
I am not expert, but I do not see how you getting carer's allowance has any effect whatsoever on your son's entitlement to benefits, as it is for you not him. I am really sorry that they removed him from the family home, the reason sounds ridiculous though, if "a lack of deference to social services" was a good enough reason then my daughter wouldn't be living with me, I always speak up for what is in her best interests, whether they agree (or mostly) disagree with me or not. Did your son want to move elsewhere? That must be heartbreaking for you, would be my worst fear to be honest. If they are saying that you "are the issue" if you like, then why do they allow him to come home 2 nights a week? They can't have it both ways if you know what I mean. As for the financial side of it, you might have to write a list including every little expense that you have while he is there?
Apparently,my getting CA means that Owen loses his Severe Disability Premium (?).
I can't help but regard it as important that he's home for a few days a week,and knows that we love him-he can't speak.I have to take time off work each week when Owen's with me.
He's being held under a court order which is apparently now regarded as insufficient i.e. it's not a Deprivation of Liberty order.
I'm in Owen's original home-a council house,so pay the supplement for his bedroom each week.I suspect that this would be the first thing they won't help on.

Generally,they devised the Care Plan with my late wife,who was estranged from me.(I wasn't allowed to meet Owen's Adult social-worker until I got a court order.All the costings,etc.,seem to have been worked out on the understanding that Owen would be allowed no opportunities to return home.
I've just googled the severe disability premium as I never knew anything about it, and yes that's right, you cannot claim it if someone claims carers allowance for caring for you. Yet another example of people needing the highest amount of care being penalized in my opinion! Who makes this stuff up, common sense would go a long way! You are caring for him more than the required number of hours in order to be entitled to carers allowance, so I don't see why they are even bringing this up as an issue. The only thing that I can think of is that you ask for a reassessment of his needs, or get a lawyer and appeal the court decision.
We've used all our Legal Aid 60,000 or 80,000 (I can never remember which).
Owen's social-worker says none of this is within her sphere of responsibility,and it's up to me to secure help from Timmy-the council's bod-if I can.
I'm sorry then, I don't have any answers for you, there must be something that can be done though, I'm sure someone much more knowledgeable than myself will be able to offer advice.
zoe_160212 wrote:I'm sorry then, I don't have any answers for you, there must be something that can be done though, I'm sure someone much more knowledgeable than myself will be able to offer advice.
I wish I could give you a Recommend.
If you are caring you get CA. End of. SDA is for those not receiving care. So the LA don't like it. Tough!!!! At least you know why now.