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Exhumation of OAPs? - Carers UK Forum

Exhumation of OAPs?

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Police in somerset are continuing with the exhumimg of bodies of ex-residents who died in suspicious circumstances, the police have already exhumed one body and are most probably going to exhume more, this follows the arrest of two people earlier in the year, they are suspected of administering a noxious substance following the death of Lucy Cox 97, the couple the police suspect have been bailed and released, the parkfields care home in butleigh somerset is just one of many care homes across the country where residents have died in suspicious circumstances, weather elderly people are being murdered or just being abused is open to debate, i believe both is happening, certainly abuse is happening everyday, there are cases in the media everyday just imagine the ones that never get that far, the numbers of abuse, poor care neglect, whatever you want to call it seems to be getting worse, what is going wrong with this damm country. Image I find it strange that there are hardly any organisations that are visable to the media who are campaigning openly against this terrible situation, what does everybody think about this case and all the other cases of abuse that we all hear about on a much more regular basis. Image

All the best Tony. Image Image
I saw this on the news yesterday, it must be a total nightmare for the families involved.

On Teletext it said three vicars said prayers as they removed the first body and they were hoping for a private reburial later in the week - the poor lady only died just under a year ago.

If there has been any foul play, lets hope and pray it triggers an immediate review of all care homes and their owners by the Government so this sort of thing can't happen again.

I very much doubt that there will be a open investigation as such, the powers that be have too much to hide, it amazes me that the local authorities and the CSCI have not closed down the whole care home, on the news yesterday they interviewed residents who were still living there in bungalows in the grounds, this is just unbelievable, whoever has the power to shut this place should have shut it ages ago.

All the best Tony. Image
Tony - the care home was shut, in January I believe. The bungalows are sheltered accommodation and just happen to be on the same site.
Dear john: Thanks very much for that but on the news that was not the impression that was given, i apoligise if i am wrong on that point but i still think that certain organisations are very slow at shutting homes down generally,if one looks at the record of the CSCI they tend to always give the care home the benefit of the doubt, in my opinion when there is good reason to believe that there is abuse or neglect going on then the home should be shut right away and not in eighteen months time but it never happens that way and in the meantime more abuse goes on.

All the best Tony.xxx Image Image