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ex mobility cars

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Still on the subject of cars - Mum has wondered if it would be possible to get hold of ex mobility vehicles as, when they are three years old, they generally have to change hands. I think they are returned to the dealer who ships them off for auction. Do any dealers bother to display them in a showroom? Does anyone know anything about this?
you can get the option of buying it off them at the end of the term
Hi, I've bought an ex motorbility car from a dealer...
The best thing about them is that they've usually not done much mileage, my 2007 car had just 14,000 on the clock and of course it's all verified because of the regular maintenance.
Have you tried looking online specifically for dealers who have exmotorbility cars?
While I was buying mine a couple had just come up on the train from Essex and drove the car they bought back!!!!
Hope this helps
Thanks. Looks like you found a decent motor. I will have a look as you suggest. Cheers. J
We bought an ex motobility car from a dealer too- a real bargain. We didn't know it was an ex motobilty car car till we got the log book- in future we shall make a point of asking dealers if they have any.
My last car was ex-mobility - low mileage, had been maintained/serviced regularly. A very good buy.

Thanks for all the replies received (up to now - and any received from now). Are you allowed to state which dealers you've used or is that against forum rules? Thanks. J.
Mine is an ex mobility car its a Citroen C4 full spec its a 57 plate and had 6,000 on the clock when I got it last year, its immaculate, its an automatic and I bought it from a garage who only deals in ex mobility autos near Huddersfield which is a bit far from you I think.
I got mine from a garage in Deganwy North Wales, not seen it advertised much but it is on the internet, just put in 'garages in Deganwy' and it should come up, there aren't that many!
Nissan Note, Tenka, top of the range half leather seats, tinted rear windows, auto, I can honestly say it's the best car I have ever had.
I think I saw that you are in Wales but it is a biggish place so maybe it's too far
i've always found that any genuine dealer will deliver if you explain the situation to them,i bought my peugeot 406 from sheffield and explained about leaving my wife for too long and that to bring her on the train was an issue,they brought it to immingham on the pretense that if it was rubbish they would be taking it back with them,when i bought the transit van they collected me,again i explained the situation,if buying on hp most of the finance can be sorted over the phone before hand,genuine dealers have nothing to hide and will go that extra mile for you