it is the primary duty of any government to defend its people and their lands.Its a mute point asto how much "Defence" is required to meet that basic duty of any government.

it is another question,again,asto how far the reach of that "Defence" should go beyond the nations boundaries.beyond its frontiers.

its another question-still asto the nature,methods of that "Defence".the size of the army,navy and the airforce.then,again,theres the question of the cost requirement of the defending of our shores.just what level of costs can we afford now?.

factor-in the new era of massive cuts to services,then,Discuss maybe?.

These days,I measure all such things by the latitude of the "Comon Good".

by my take on that yardstick,i feel we need to cut defence spending and define our role in terms of what we can do.we must look at the very concept of our defence today.