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Guess what an update on DP... -Carers UK Forum

Guess what an update on DP...

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An archive link to the trials and issues of our struggle to get a Direct Payment set up to help with care.

As you can see from the this thred it can be done...eventually, you can get the help you need if you just keep plugging away at it and don't get discouraged. Image

Here's the link to the archive, trust me there was blood, sweat and tears before we were done!

http://www.carersuk.org/Forums/archive/ ... 79961.html

and then]http://www.carersuk.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=95[/url]

Hi now for Round 3 - this thred was the last and final stages to getting the care we needed!

It's a done deal at last!!! Image Image Image

The Agency dealing with payroll etc. has been faxed the PA's bank details and it looks like...after blood, sweat and tears... we now have our Direct Payment set-up!
YAY!!!!!! Image
The official start date is 16 march so they're going to pay our daughter for the hours she's been up 'helping and giving me a break' during the last weeks.
We are delighted! Image

Thanks for all the help and support we've been given during this whole sorry saga which seems to have been dragging on for ever!

In reality it took from December 6th till today to get a result but it was a loooong rocky road to which I'll be eternally greatful that you lot all walked it with me!

A special thanks to Rosemary, who helped me focus when I thought it would never end!!
marie x
Well done Marie!

I'm so delighted that its finally complete and you can now start to get some help and maybe sleep - if you remember what that is!

Bubbly all round then Image

Take care
M x
Well done Marie Image
Psssssssssttttttttttttttt everyone,just been peeping through Maries sitting room window and shes fast asleeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppp..... Image Image

Seriously though,well done Marie for seeing this to the end.Its been a struggle at times but thats when forums like these come in to their own.You get the support needed to help you.Its been your own determination and drive that has triumphed Marie.

Hopefully now, you can get some routines in place to enable you to get regular breaks/sleep.Wishing you,your hubby and your daughter all the very best with this.

x x x x


THanks guys it was made easier 'cause you lot were around to support! Image
marie x
Glad to share your good news Marie!
Well Done for seeing it through.
Take Care
Love Kaydee xx
congratulations marie whens the party. Image Image Image Image Image
congratulations marie whens the party.
I think when I've had some sleep, I'll maybe think about partying! Image
marie x
Hi, I've joined the Direct Payment Saga up in the first post of this thred!

I hope it will help sombody else go out and push for Direct Payment to get the help they need.

It's not easy as the thred shows but it can be successfully done! Image
The help and support here did help me greatly along the way. Image

hi marie
how much did it cost for you to give the company to see to the payments.
hows the sleeping