I started a new topic with this title on March 30, but it appeared in the thread Problems with Agency, so I didn't get any replies.

I suppose my message was a bit of a mess. Our agency has caused a lot of problems, but I have phoned three others and none can do double-handed care in our area. So we may soldier on with the devil we know.

(Today the hoist broke down twice and I had to start it again, and the carers left the light on in the downstairs toilet, which runs a noisy ventilation fan - this despite the fact that I wrote this on their communication sheets only three days ago).

A social worker from the council came yesterday and was worried by the care agency problems. The carers only came at 11.00, when she happened to be there, instead of 8 or 9, and the agency hadn't informed me of this. She suggested I use 'personal assistants', without explaining what they were, but by asking around I have found out that this means staff I employ myself (Scally suggested this), in this case from a council list.

A friend said that is a bad idea because if those staff are sick, I can't get a substitute, whereas the agency is obliged to send someone.

Anyway, the question I asked was where I can find out what to expect from agency care workers, perhaps there is even a page on this website, or is it pointless asking that and I just have to choose between the various options available in my borough?