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Eun's son's petition - Please sign - Fight for respite - Page 11 - Carers UK Forum

Eun's son's petition - Please sign - Fight for respite

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Signed & shared on face book - technology being what it is ; this could really make a big difference very quickly : also don't forget to email your M.P he or she will I am sure make as big an impact for the important fight for respite - the best of luck to you !!!!!!!!!!! Image
Bradstonian Rob had already presented his petition at the Scottish Parliament - they had promised him a full all party debate and the reneged on their promise and referred the petition to the Health and Sport Committee so thats why he is trying to get publicity to shame them into doing what they promised.

Had another blazing row with son today. Ending with me calling him a naive and gullible fool. A representative of CHAS phoned up today and asked Robert to let them come along to the meeting on Friday. Rob agreed!!!!

Why can't he see that they are not interesting in helping all they want to do is control how they are represented to the media!!

One of them said at their last meeting that CHAS was taking nothing to do with the campaign yet now as soon as Rob manages to get a bit of press they suddenly want to get involved? What is that about.

They promised that there would be no changes to how they were allowed to use the hospice until a transition team was in place but they have banned the boys from going in groups of young people like they used to - they are only allowing 2 young men at a time and if one were to drop out through illness or whatever that would mean that they would be there with just babies. They are trying to sicken them into just giving up on going for respite and thus enable the hospice to get rid of them sooner.

How can we trust people like that? How can my son let them muscle in and believe them when they say they want to see if there is anything they can say to help at the meeting with the Reporter. Help who - their bliddy selves - thats who!!! Steam currently coming out of ears and blood pressure through the roof. Image Image Image

Well I was right about the CHAS person simply being interested in damage limitation. However it is irelevant anyway as the BBC reporter is not interested as it does not affect a lot of people and does not fit with any of the things she is currently working on. She suggests that Rob contacts all the newspapers and gets more awareness that way. Again the Prince and Princess of Wales hospice reiterated that they are only for palliative care and will not provide any planned respite breaks. My Robert is still positive still fighting but his dad and I, and it must be admitted, the other parents at the meeting are all a little depressed at the total lack of interest in our plight.

Sorry to hear this Eun - the fact that you expected this to happen does not lessen the disappointment you all feel right now. I hope that in the days to come you will feel able to continue the fight, easier said than done today. xx
Sorry to hear it Eun Image
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