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ESA nonsense

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DWP staff need rounding up and shooting. Its the kindest option. They asked my partner is his condition had improved... Its early onset parkinsons, to misquote the Labour election song "thiiiiiiiiiings can only get worse" I asked them to let me know what the cure was when they find it because him in doors is driving me nuts and would love to work if he could. The reason why he had to stop work was because his tremor was affecting the results (lab technician, work based romance awh....) and well now he can barely move most days.
For some reason the DWP are totally sold to the medical model of disability, and in the case of young people like my son, this is totally inappropriate, and they know it. I mean, he can climb 3,000' mountains, work out at the local gym, ski, canoe, and so on: he hardly ever sees a doctor: but he has a very significant learning disability. Now, this doesn't mean he can't work, it just means that most employers wont touch him with a bargepole unless he gets a huge lot of support. Which all comes down to that "Access To Work" budget: which is utterly inadequate.
To be honest, I shouldn't really admit this, but I am finding this quite fun. We can run rings round these folk with one hand tied behind our back, and most of them know it after speaking to us for five minutes on the phone. As for the others, who wish to resist: at whatever level, we can make their lives a living hell merely by smiling sweetly and asking a few simple questions and the name and extension number of their supervisor .. and I think deep in their black and warped hearts they know that too.
I have got all this to come very soon eeeeek!
Got the Med 3 signed by the GP (very fast turnaround, less than 24 hrs) but unfortunately it is dated from 9/6/2011, (my mistake, I forgot to mention the date requested) so I have had to phone back and ask for one backdated from January .... yes, it is that silly, an endless paperchase, grrr!
Urgh, not looking forward for this for my partner. She was on IB even before I met her, so I have no idea what will be involved in the assessment when it comes around. I can't help but imagine some manager sitting in an office going:

"Hmm, next up we've got someone with total shut in syndrome... How can I claim they're fit to work so we can save the money?... Got it! Paperweight! Next!"

I can't help but feel the whole thing is going to be hard on everyone's dignity and stress levels.
We've had similiar with S and his autism ... what bit of "life-long condition" do they not understand ....????

We had DWP out recently on my son turning 16, not sure this would have been straightforward if I hadn't been there to advocate, will affect higher functioning autistics/Asperger more than most I think as they are such literal thinkers.Excalibur, we have worked out that CB, + CTC + DLA works out to more than ESA till age 19, is that wrong then?