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Weird battles

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Does anyone else think it's weird that the media (in general Image another rant of mine) so often compare things to battles and fights. I can't count how many times I've seen headlines or phrases along the lines of - BEAT the credit crunch. Ways to FIGHT fat. COMBAT signs of ageing.

Why does everything have to be a fight?

The most ridiculous I've seen recently was the phrase "Combat stress!" Surely it should be a relaxing process. Could they make it sound more stressful? Image
Calm down Bertie mate...

Turn off the Radio.

I refuse to watch "grown up tv" and ignore adverts. Mmmmmm no stress Image Oh and Combat Stress is a thing for soldiers, who, you know; have been in Combat... They help out people with PTSD http://www.combatstress.org.uk/
The world is so less stressful without TV........4 years now , i know we dont get upset by news and its constant buzz in the background now. No fights for the remote and peace reigns ,not noise from dusk till dawn. Image
Instead, we read newspapers, or the internet online news, its less invasive or challenging somehow.

We read books , watch occasional movie on monitor and computer , we play games cards backgammon, cribbage, chess and Andy loves Cryptic Crosswords. He reads to me and its like Richard Burton , he washes over me and its very stress busting. btw - im the Carer but Manic Image

We dont allow the media to engulf us anymore.......believe me its kathartik

Kindness and Friendship - Mandy