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Erm, help?

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Sounds very frightening Simon. Sending you (((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))) and wishing you a speedy recovery. K. x x
Thank you all for your support, its been a hell of a few days here.

Called the emergency doctors who didnt give a damn and told me to wait till surgery opened and to call them...
Main thing now is that im going to be ok.
Simon, glad you're starting to fell better and wish you a full and speedy recovery. When you feel up to it call the emergency doctors again and SHOUT DOWN THE PHONE AT THEM! Tell them how serious it was and what are you supposed to do in an emergency if they aren't interested.

Best wishes.
So glad you came through it ok Simon, that must have been so scary!!
Totally agree with Splinter because that was an emergency and could have ended up a tragedy!
To be honest if I hadnt been taken to hospital by the crossroads lady I would have ended up going in the back of an ambulance, I honestly dont remember getting out of her car at the hospital and dont remember anything else of the rest of the day until about 4pm (its a complete blank), I do remember the staff telling me I might be going to ICU and had loads of drips and god knows what atatched to me, it scared me to death I dont mind admitting,
Had a bit of a shaky, weak feeling episode earlier but it passed, just got to watch myself and take it very easy for a while, in the meantime crossroads are continuing their support which I am extremely greatfull for.

I think somewhere someone needs to answer a few questions, I feel something had to have been overlooked at Oxford for me to react like that.
Hi Simon glad your feeling better. Take it easy now whilst you can
I once spent so long waiting for the emergency doctor to ring me back that my hubbys condition deteriated so much I had to ring for an ambulance. (He ended up being in hospital for a week). But when I returned home from spending hours in A&E and then on the ward with him the emergency doctor had left a nice message saying that we obviously didn't require their services because we had gone out when they returned my call. They apologised after they got the foul end of my tongue!!
Obvious conclusion: if in any doubt simply call 999 for an ambulance, because they HAVE to turn out. Dont give too much information, just claim chest pains and/or acute breathing problems: you call always tell them what is really wrong when you arrive in A&E.
999;they don't have to come out. They refused for my baby grandson and we ended up picking up our daughter and the baby to take them to hospital,where the staff were thankfully very efficient and quick.
I also know someone I used to work with, who could not get an ambulance and had to walk to A and E at 2am,(no taxis available in our town at that time of night).
And we are still waiting to see why two local ambulances were mobilised and then stopped from attending when my younger son had stopped breathing. Due to a mix-up, it was almost 15 minutes till an ambulance got to where he was, which was our county town.His friends could have carried him to the hospital in less than two minutes, had they known it would take so long.

By the way, Simon, glad to hear you are feeling better.
Sounds awful Simon, glad to hear you are over the worst of it, how scary for you.

Sending you hugs xx