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Erm, help?

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Brilliant news Simon, so glad you have managed to sort care/help out. Hope the op goes well Image
Thank you all.

D day approaches and ive got the jitters again as per usual, I dont do well with anaesthetic so wont be around for a few days at least while I try to shake it off.
Im a pain to knock out, to use the hospitals words "youve had enough to knock a rhino out and you are still awake?" of course then they have trouble bringing me out the other end, im hoping I will be home tomorrow night but we will have to see how it goes, I may be in for the weekend or even longer if anything goes wrong, fingers crossed this is the last time for me, too many operations, im sick of hospitals and my affliction ruling my life.
For me the anaesthetic is the worst part, it scares me to death and it doesnt get any easier, if anything it gets worse everytime, I get that point with the metalic taste in my mouth and feel myself going down and I automatically begin to fight it as hard as I can, I guess its the feeling of no control that freaks me out, the hospital have tried all sorts with me to make it easier including lying to me saying they are just giving me something to calm me down, all very well till I get that taste and im off again.

Ah well, regardless of how I feel its got to be done. I just hope it goes easy this time, I normally have my sister with me as she can calm me down and knows how to deal with me but this time she cant do it so a mate of mine is taking me so thats different and worries me, Also this time I have a daughter whereas last time collette was still pregnant so there is an extra person to worry about.

I just want it over and done with so I can relax at home.

Will be thinking of you and hoping you are home tomorrow night.
Its a nice thought Audrey but panic and bedlam are the norm with me when it comes to anaesthetics,
Im already shaking at the prospect, it scares me to death.
Thinking of you Simon. You have my sympathy. I have a terrible time under anaesthetic too.
Will be thinking of you today Simon and hoping all goes well Image
I too have problems with anaesthesia but in my case its to do with the muscle relaxants which I can't have because of my Muscular Dystrophy. I had a hysteroscopy and a D & C a few weeks ago and opted for a local - the pain was really bad but it meant I didn't have the effects from the anaesthetic afterwards. Could you have a local? Hope it all goes well.

Thinking of you Simon - hope everything goes well.

Also, if they have to give you a bigger than normal dose, have they ever talked to you about over-metabolising? I am an 'overmetaboliser', which basically means that anything that travels round my bloodstream goes through way too quickly - i can't get drunk, don't respond at all to local anaesthetic and had no effect from the weed that I tried in my young and silly days Image

It might be worth asking?

love cupcake xxxxx
Sorry I haven't posted before now Simon. Not been feeling too great myself Image

Thinking of you Sweetheart and so glad you're getting help from Crossroads.

Sending lots of hugs, love and positive thoughts over your way from Surrey.

Sezzie x x x
Thank you all for your support, its been a hell of a few days here.

1st up the op on Friday went ok as far as we knew, day case and was home friday night but not feeling TOO good, saturday felt groggy and I dont really remember much about it, Sunday felt a little better but still not great, Monday morning 3:30 am and all hell broke loose, I woke up vomiting, dizzy, shakey, unable to walk more than a few steps without falling over, I was in trouble and I knew it.
Called the emergency doctors who didnt give a damn and tld me to wait till surgery opened and to call them, so I stayed on the sofa with a bucket until 07:30 when the ward at Oxford opened.
Soke to the nurse in charge who told me in no uncertain terms to get to my nearest A&E (I live in reading 40 miles from the John Radcliffe.
Waited till 9am when the lady from crossroads arrived and asked her to take me to A&E as there was no way I could drive, I remember getting in her car but thats it, next clear recolection I had was being in a hospital ward last night,
It turns out I had had a really bad reaction to the anaesthetic and drugs I had been given at Oxford, I was one step away from being admitted to ICU at one point.
However I am recovering well and have just come home feeling loads better after all the stuff ive had pumped through me at the royal berks hospital.
Just got to take the next few days a bit easier but the worst is now over we hope.

Scary time, I dont recall getting to the hospital or what happened thereafter until late last night.

Main thing now is that im going to be ok.