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we have 2 bed flat double glazed and cavity wall heating on non stop + 2 tv`s computer washer drier non stop we are on lowest brit/gas tariff and pay £15 per month elec (key) £180 per year the gas is direct debit £30 per month £360 per year so when the old doll gets heating allowance our bills are low the heating is mainly just 3 rooms but even so the bills are low we even had a credit on last meter reading .

yet on same estate friend of the old doll says she pays brit/ gas for elec and gas about £80 per month £960 per year ? and she says she hardly uses the central heating ???

she has no cavity insulation / double glazing but it cant make that much difference can it ????

the heating allowance should be raised at least doubled

This topic has been on another forum George and brought some interesting comparisons.

We are in a small 3 bedroomed house...

Approx £100 -120 for gas and electric per month Image

Usually £40 - 45 per week petrol Image

Lets see what other members pay?????
ROSEMARY i cant understand it i i think our bills are low which as you can see they are

we have new gas heating system combi boiler thermo- static valves on all radiators use shower more then bath i cant fit in bath just a joke ?????


PETROL we have motability car 25 months old mileage 40-000 just filled up today £54

like NORMAN WISDOM the old doll like STAN just gets in car and says drive but lets get home before its dark some days we end up Seahouses, York, Scarbro , lake district Image
l am in a three bedroom four in block house and l am £100 a month for gas and elec and about £30 a week in petrol my heating is on night and day as lisa is up and down during the night and she feels the cold a lot

4 bedroom detached house, 30 year old, fully double glazed, but the gas CH boiler needs replacing because it is very inefficient - bills of over £130 pm for combined fuel. Ouch!
Thinking hard about installing new boiler and also solar panels on roof.
£70 a month for heating oil, boiler 10 yr old needs replacing tho, would love to get ground heat source pump.£80 a month in electricity would love to get a windmill. Use gas cylinders for cooking about £120 a year. This is for a small detached 4 bedroom bungalow, fully double glazed etc, just waiting to get cavity walls done. About £30 a week in petrol if i dont go anywhere apart from minimum.
All fuels you burn for heat/energy have gone up a lot in the last year or so and theres no avoiding fuel poverty, the cold affects everybody. But , if you are disabled and stuck at home all day you need to keep warm, there is no realistic benefit increase to compensate for extra costs incured during the winter.
both elec and gas come to £101 a month. My husband has been put into care now, so it might eventually go down, although i am now in the house 24/7 because of my mobility now. Fuel about £40 a week as need this to get about and don't get an allowance at all as too young. Gas boiler is old needs changed but i cant afford to. Have expencive nursing home costs as well even though i cant work. Council tax £153. Life is so expensive now Image
3 bed semi detached house, with double glazing but a VERY old boiler, quite an old house too... no radiators upstairs except 1 in hallway and 1 in bathroom. The boiler which is in the kitchen is leaking and they still havent been out to fix it..

GAS electric are £87 per month altogether. Costs £54 to fill my tank I go through about 3 quarters a week (about £40 a week)... as Sophie is in a school 6 miles away - I have to take her to her school then drive back to take the other two, Sophie currently misses out the last 15 minutes of school daily, cos the idiots on the panel for her statement totally overlooked it...oh well she is going to special needs school next september and will be getting transport provided. Although I use a lot more petrol on weeks when she has appointments as there is picking her up from school and returning her... so thats 4 school runs on appointment days. Or for example like today...she was ill at school had to pick her up from school at 10am.

Currently get sophie's nappies for free, however have to spend about £5 a week in care mats and about £2 a week in wipes (all adds up) and to add Sophie is on a complete soya diet which is expensive adds about £30 to my shopping bill, although they are now prescribing soya formula for me to make up.. so should ease the £9 a week I used to spend on her milk.

Washing machine broke before the weekend and now Im stuffed and frustrated because I cant do any washing and really cant afford the laundrette.... which is one of the reasons I havent been online much as Ive been handwashing everything... with 3 children thats a lot... and seeing as Ive had to wash sophie's bed sheets the last four nights it's felt almost impossible to cope.... I applied for the community care grant before xmas and they didnt get back to me - but called them today and they told me after I explained about sophie and everything else that they would make my application a priority. Let's hope so!!!!
Hmm. We are in a private rental. Tied to leasing agents agreement with Scottish Hydro. We have to use "Key" meters, in case we do a runner. Electric works out at about £15 and gas at £10 per week plus charges. So we have to budget £30 a week. Is a heck of a lot of money to us. We got the £10 cold weather payment though. Cant work out the maths but it should work out at around £29.97 per week over a year!