I have today received the dreaded notification letter on the change DLA to ESA,how vague can they in the department get?each paragraph is an if or maybe.The only solid facts are that its taxable income and in my Stepsons case is awarded 22septeber-3o november 2012.That is 3 weeks notice and 5 weeks confirmed benefits.I phoned the relevant office,30 minutes @37p a minute(not a BT customer)to be told that to act on his behalf I would have to write in for a form to become an Apointee,then I could act on his behalf(26yrs)I urge every one to right in and complain about the poor standard and lack of information in this letter.I have yet to receive the same for my wifeYet again another kick in the teeth for carers,let alone the stress and upset that it causes the ones we care for.