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My son has just received a letter regarding the changes to Incapacity / DLA benefit. Has anyone experienced one of these medicals mentioned in his letter? If so what can we / he expect?

Is the change just an excuse to get disabled people off benefit and into jobs that don't exsist, or are they taking everyone off benefit and making them go through an appeal process that we had to go to in the 1st place to be awarded DLA.

As a carer who rely's on his middle rate DLA for me to claim carer's allowance, I'm concerned.
I can only whats happened to us. Mark was on incapacity and DLA, happy days Image then they took away his incapacity and put him on ESA, its less money, DLA entitlement however increased because has parkinsons and his condition worsened.

It balanced out in the end but only because we got a hand from our local citizens advice bureau with the forms and the appeal.
cheers for the reply Dipsy.
No worries. Love your avatar, my niece is a massive peppa pig fan Image
Again can only speak from personal experience. My eldest son is on high rate DLA for both personal care and mobility and he was given full rate of ESA on leaving school without any problems and without a medical.

My second son has been on middle rate personal care and low rate mobility for a number of years and when we applied for ESA he was called for a medical. It was a farce! For a start we were left waiting for almost 3 hours because one doctor hadn't turned up and they were running late ~ but another man who was waiting was there for the 3rd time because the previous 2 appointments had run so late he'd left without being seen so clearly delays were the norm (this is in Glasgow). The doctor saw my son (with me) for 20 minutes and asked him to do the usual stuff like picking up a pencil, touching his toes and remembering 3 objects which she named. She didn't see him in the waiting room when security threatened to call the police because he was going off the wall nor was she interested in knowing about the challenging behaviour as she clearly thought it was a case of bad parenting. This doctor was very young and unlikely to have any personal parenting experience.

Based on that her report said he had some mild problems but was fit and able for work so he was placed in the work group. She refused to allow me to get my travel expenses paid because she believed he could have travelled to the medical alone despite written evidence available to her that said he can't travel to unfamilar places without support. However, I just accepted this decision because to be quite frank we had no idea how this new benefit was assesed and didn't think we'd be succesful if we appealed. 3 months later his DLA was up for review and despite several reports from clinical psychology, educational psychology, social workers, learning disability workers etc that confirmed the complex needs he has the DWP took all his DLA away and said that based on the ESA medical he was a capable individual not requiring support.

6 months later we eventually got the middle rate personal care and low rate mobility back but only after going as far as we could with appeals and tribunals. Just as this decision came through we got a new medical form for ESA to fill in. We sent of the same reports as last time but I got a more indepth letter from my GP and he was then contacted by the DWP and asked to fill in a form for Jacob. Based on his comments Jacob has now (thankfully!) been moved to the support group. It was never about the rate of money (although it helps as his support is costly); It was more about recognition of the level of impairment and it was clearly going to continue to affect his DLA which is due for renewal again in 2 years.

The medicals are a farce and the evidence that is now available clearly proves that with 40% of appeals being succesful. You can't possibly assess someone in a 20-30 minute interview so I'd make sure you submit as much other evidence as you can and if possible have an understanding GP who will support you. That makes such a difference.
What a nightmare, I was dreading that process. J is also on middle rate care and lower rate mobility, we also live near Glasgow, and as he left school last year and went to college aged 16, we didnt realise that we could claim ESA so he stayed on Child benefit for another nine months until his social worker told me to apply in April this year. I assumed being a f/t student was the same as going to University , but because the course doesnt lead to a qualification, you are supposed to apply for ESA from your 16th birthday.
Anyway, after a bit of huffing and puffing he got on the support group without a medical or any kind of assessment ; they are probably so snowed under with work and delays they are starting to just shove folk through.
I'm just angry that the Child benefit people didnt send us or him a leaflet when he reached 16: they know fine well he has a disability, and surely they have a duty to provide carers and disabled young people with information when circumstances change: I mean we arent psychic, are we? As it is he is several thousand pounds out of pocket .. and no way of ever claiming it back.
Scally I think because it's a relatively new benefit the information is, at best, patchy. Typical that gov makes changes but most front line departments have no real understanding of how it works. They seem to just learn as they go along.

I was relieved J eventually got put into the support group because going through the interviews and everything else involved in being in the work group was a nightmare. Perhaps the report that came out just a little while ago which showed that ATOS health care was making wrong decisions in 40% of cases has made the DWP review their whole process when it comes to deciding who should and who shouldn't go for a medical. Sometimes I think it's luck of the draw on who looks at your paperwork!
Sometimes I think it's luck of the draw on who looks at your paperwork!
Many a true word said in jest! sadly, I'm sure this is true.

my partner had that we filled in all the forms waited 6 weeks and was told there did not need a medical as illness is so bad. was not money would stay the same..
Hi everyone

This is just my little story of those lower life humanoids called ATOS and ESA...........

ATOS is a dirty word in our house........they say it is a Medical BUT its a written computer program that is rigid in its answers. if you see the assessor constantly reading from the computer its because its not their assessment but an ATOS program. You are not treated as an
If your response and what you write on your form is not what fits into their little boxes the person completing the medical assessment will opt for the lesser important answer.
The form is very small and i divided each space with another line to put in all my husbands details, even then it didnt fit it all in.

It depends on how complex the person is you care for as we had complex problems the ATOS company had no perameters for.
My husband was put into the Work Related Activity as safe to work within the next 3-6 months !!!
He has numerous epileptic seizures EVERY day as we knew and Neurologist wrote it is degenerative. ( ignore completely Neurologists letters)
Memory problems safety issues and paralysis for a few hours post seizure. He also is totally deaf in one ear and is doubly incontinent with the seizures and for few hours after.( quick rundown )

I requested a copy of the doctors report as is your right and i found he had ignored everything and put Andy as fully mobile, fit apart from one seizure per month and no incontinence with full hearing capabilities.
He quoted the ESA50 and had totally misquoted. What he wrote was not on any page.
I took them to the complaints company and involved ESA Dept too. It was one hell of a complaint with much documented evidence from all nurses ,Specialist,GP , occ Therapist and social worker.

i was lucky that i had medical knowledge being a senior nurse for 28 years BUT it was a harrowing experience. i received a full apology from ATOS and they retracted their report allowing us to present again without having to go to their clinics. Andy was put into the "liminted Capability for Work Group" where he should have been in the first place.
We got backpay awarded from the day we signed up.
I then took early retirement and my NHS pension and it felt good putting 2 very solid fingers up at them. I am lucky i could but i complained more to show they lied and consistently abused our vulnerable position. The doctor making the report apologied for everything and said he was totally out of order........this happens every day with them, so ive found online re" ESA problems with ATOS" Try putting it into google to search - you will be shocked.
If you think the decision is not what you wanted i would automatically request a report copy. Its your right and is written in each booklet.

I would be only too happy to email you a copy of my complaint and its reply if you would like to quote it. I have no worries re repercussions from ESA or ATOS as they no longer hold us to ransom.

Kindness and Friendship - Mandy