Eight week wait for care after hospital discharge

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Hi! My mum had an aneurysm and surgery almost six weeks ago and was discharged from hospital with the promise of care within the week. We’ve now been told that there is an eight week wait for the care because she isn’t a priority. She’s not a priority because she can swallow and chew food, and shouldn’t fall. Never mind the 100s of things she can’t do. I live a three hour journey away, I have my own health issues and I’m having to travel over to my mum (who rents a room in a house) several times a week. I’m sick, I’m exhausted, my mum is crying pretty much solidly and I really don’t know where to turn. I’ve spoken to the community care coordinator who was really horrible and basically said that we’re lucky she’s getting any help at all at any point.
Ring the hospital Chief Executive's office make a FORMAL COMPLAINT, ask why mum was discharged with NOTHING arranged. Use the term "unsafe discharge". Insist something is arranged TODAY for her at home, or readmit her until it is. It is a requirement of the Care Act, 6 weeks FREE Reablement care.
The " Bible " ... NHS Choices ... hospital discharge :

https://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/AboutNHSs ... pital.aspx

Who should be doing what , and answers to many " Variations " seen by almost all readers when their caree is being , or has been , discharged from the care of the NHS.

Suffice to say , not many experience a " Safe " discharge without raising the odd comment or two ... a few need to raise merry hell !!!

... and the " Few " are increasing in number as the crisis in both the NHS and social care deepens !!!

If CHC raises it's head , there is a main thread for this :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... inks-32532

Suffice to add , keep us informed ... it will assist any readers experience a hospital discharge for the first time.
My own advice would be never to believe what is 'promised'. Like BB has said, make a complaint and include a copy to Head of Social services. If she was assessed in hospital, her needs identified, she should not have been allowed home till care package was in place. Once people are sent home it is much harder to get things set in place.

I hope she isn't, but if she is admitted again to hospital, stand your ground and do not let her be discharged with a safe care plan. They will rush it through as costs them more if classed as so called 'bed blocking'

Pretty much whats been said.

The difference between putting correct provisions in place for somebody to discharge back into the community, and continuing to occupy a bed in hospital runs into the 1000's almost effortlessly so its in their interest to at least follow their own playbook.

And most local authorities (even the bad ones) will have contracts with multiple providers within their area to accommodate emergency placements, it will not stop people trying to fob you off or outright lie to you, as they will always take the option of not providing anything at all if the excuse presents itself (i.e. seeming like their already looked after, or capable of doing it all their selves)
Just adding another thought here..... ask for a copy of her discharge care assessment report.

Thank you for your advice everybody!
Apparently there was/is no care assessment made, and the visits she’ll be having are for community occupational therapy. She isn’t entitled to anything other than that, and there are people more in need of it than her. It’s absurd and I am so angry.
Hi Rhian ... you definately fall into the category of having to raise merry hell !

That NHS Choices link posted earlier will be of immediate assistance ... contains a battle plan , of sorts , for " Confronting the enemy " ... best to have all your pieces in the correct positions before launching it.

Shame a few in the NHS cannot do the honourable thing when in a losing position ... the traditional Japanese way ?

Might even be an advantage if those demned guilty knew the fate that would await them ?
You have been told LIES!
Don't believe the liars, pleas believe us. I'me an expert on what they should do, but don't. Our 4 elderly parents all lived nearby, all in and out of hospital, all entitled to highesr DLA care allowance. Ring the hospital CEO as advised. It works. My mum's cars was immediately sorted when I did.
Simply appalling. Lots of sound advice here. You've come to the right place.