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Apart from giving me much food for thought,I thank you all for the good wishes.I hope it all goes well.
Apart from giving me much food for thought,I thank you all for the good wishes.I hope it all goes well.
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In September I shall be returning to full time education.I am taking a Social Science Access course,and teacher training,along with,GCSE English.
I want to know what will be the impact will be to me,as a carer,speaking financially.Any tips would be good.
What subjects will you being doing, if your doing sociology and social policy If you want I can pass you on some stuff or recommend some good books (ive got merits and distinctions for these) Image x
Hi There,

I went back to College, only part time a few years ago as i wanted to get further qualifications and thought I would be able to combine that with my role as a carer. I dropped my course after just a few month's not just because it was difficult to fit in around my caring role but I found that my mind was never fully on my studies when I was at college. The course really interested me but I found myself getting more and more distracted and wondering how my cared for person was doing etc etc, On one occasion I was texted in class to come home as he had pressed his alarm after feeling unwell and I was contacted to come home and that finished it for me.
I don't know how I will do but I have just enrolled on an OU course in the hope that by doing the course at home it will not have the same detrimental impact on my caring role or my studies as it did when I went to college. It's just a level one intro course but I figured if I can get through that then see what happens. Also, I heard the OU has a great reputation for both online and tutorial support, they take into account your role as a carer, and depending on what benefits/income you have you can get help with the costs. It doesn't have any effect on your benefits either unlike if you go to college full time, travelling costs etc. If I have a bad night caring for my 'cared for person', I know that at some point I will be able to grab a few hours a day studying/reading etc, even if it is in my PJ's lol.. Time management when going to college is a big factor to consider as you may be putting more pressure on yourself in terms of feeling more tired, which every carer knows, if you are tired your concentration levels drop, maybe get snappy, skip meals to get study in.. It is hard to get the balance right and I wish you all the luck in your courses Image
How's the course going, Maxi?
I did a part time honours degree, special course for mature students. Some of the best days of my life. After being a mum, it was simply wonderful to have some intellectual stimulation, something to focus on other than the struggle to cope with a hyperactive brain damaged son. Yes, it was so difficult at times that I felt like giving up, I deserved the degree just for getting to college on time. Looking back, I just don't know how I did it. My eldest son learned to cook basic food - left in the fridge, husband just hated it, but we went on to run a business as a result of my course. In my day Carer's Allowance wasn't payable if you were in full time education, which I wasn't fortunately. It would be helpful (if you can find the time!) to give us all an update.
Im doing Italian now.The courses,AS french and AS spanish we axed due to cuts this time.So its less then I wanted to do.But its ok.
Carers & Education
Carers Allowance is paid for 35 hours a week it is calculate from Sunday to Sunday, so in theory if you are caring 24/7 then you should be entitled to have a break to peruse your own interests! However, the DWP might see this differently there is a 21 hour rule for education.

http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAnd ... G_10012859