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e m i any one???

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i have been told that a nursing home could in the future move my grandmother into a emergeny mental insitution if she gets too much she has vasscular dementia and is trapped in her own world with the dellusions and hallucinations any one offer any help plz???

is this true even if she is in a private home and self funding


It usually stands for Elderly Mentally Ill - the main difference it that they have psychiatric trained nurses supervised by a psycho-geriatrician, and are sometimes allowed to lock the doors to prevent folk wandering off and harming themselves.

Some patients with complex mental problems can be very distressing to older patients with medical conditions who are otherwise compos mentis - especially if they try to get into bed with other patients, smear stuff on the toilet walls, or groan a lot. And the nurse staffing levels cant provide proper supervision.

Sorry - I realise this is very upsetting.
but could the nursing home move her to i been told it called a emergency mental institution i am most concerned because if some one goes into a nursing home that is speciffically for dementia patients we would have expected her to remain there
Don't know about anyone else but I've never heard of such a place. Any title with the word "institution" was killed off years ago as far as I know.

If the nursing home your gran is in specialises in providing care for dementia patients and cannot cope, I would have thought that the only other option is to move her to an NHS facility that can - but this would more likely be until they get the medication sorted so that she is calmer, for example.

I'd ask your gran's local Primary Care Trust for information about what you've been told.
Hi Gizmo, As I understand it your Grandmother could be moved not to an"Emergency Institution" but possibly into a ward of a hospital which is for patients with mental health Issues. I do know the Hospitals have wards or a ward set aside for the assesment of patients, as has been previously mentioned, her medication would be looked at if that was an issue. Also an assesment would be made as to the type of care required,
I also would contact the Mental Health team at your nearest PCT (primary care trust) The home should also give you as much info as possible to help you both which will/can be an extremley stressful matter.
I apologise if this seems a rather clinical answer.
Good luck
any replys are most welcone thank you will contact the above mentioned thank you