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Just had a letter back from my application for dla for my arthritis and possible fibromygia, well i have come to the conclusion hat they dont actually read your answers on there forms my reply was your not entitled as you can lift walk without anyone being with you can sleep bath and cook ect ect hmmm strange as i cant go out alone as i fall and cant get up i cant lift and get stuck in the bath stairs are really hard i dont sleep at night for the pain and as for cooking i cant get food out of the oven and lift heavy saucepans offf the top. I cant believe i filled in the forms waitied weeks for them not to even take notice of the difficulties i have.
I was low before this now i just want to give up !
don't give up,please. My son has Downs Syndrome. When I phoned up DLA a few years ago, to query something, they said he should surely have "grown out of" the Downs Syndrome by now!
appeal against the decision, and if you have to, go to tribunal. we have done this successfully, with supporting evidence and the original decisions have been overturned.In fact, at the last tribunal, the DWP were heavily criticised, as they had seen evidence which supported the claim, and still ignored it.The tribunal made their decision based on the paperwork, before we even walked in the door.the advisor from the Downs Association still went through the paperwork with them and me.
I am so sorry to hear...

Form fillings is very dawnting and takes very long time, if it is turned down applicant's stress level is unthinkable!

What I saw from your post, I got feeling that filling in the form was done by yourself, is it right? Please do not give up!

When my ill husband did not have any medication or diagnoses, his fear of being not understand was confirmed by DWP, which caused so much problems after. We were recommended to appeal with Advocacy worker, which was even more stressful but it did work in the end.

I do not mean this is with your claim but there are some tips to fill in DLA form:
* NOT leave any blank space in the form - no matter if the same story is repeating more than once.

* think the worst day and the worst condition, and try to maximise that description in details. You know about yourself very well but for DWP, they only see it by what is written on the form.

* better to add any extra information about your ill health condition. Some print out from medical websites, supporive letters from your doctor(s), diary or medical records (if you have at home), additional letter from yourself any thing to tell them other than form etc.

Take a look at:
http://www.benefitsinmind.org.uk/steps_ ... ment_2.htm

Thinking about you.
Hi i didnt do the forms alone as i was refused before. As my condition has deteriated i went to citizens advice for help to fill the forms.
I honestly dont think they read some of the answers to the questions it was repeatedly put tht i fall when walking so cant go out alone as i cant get up if i fall and yet they have put as one of the reasons to refusing me is that i can walk adequatley and dont need anyone one with me.
Its frustrating as there supposed to have written to my consultant for the athritis but im waiting for a diagnois for the other pain flare ups i get.
Im tired and struggling to cope as it is and this today has pushed me so close to the edge i'm so afraid that if we dont get a claim of what will be i cant work like this but were fast approaching a time when we will need me to be earning!!!
ivebeen to rhematology this morning and hes agreed to write a report to dwp about other problems i have that the other consultant dont look into so im ready to do my appeal letter any advice to how r what to write? x
Hi Welshie,

I haven't had to fill in these forms so don't know what questions they might ask - but presume that they will ask you to describe your condition and how it affects your everyday life ?

In that case I would say to take the worst day scenario and describe that both in level of pain and what you can/can't do. Don't hold back on your answers, if they think you can do some things they will assume that you can do others !

Good luck with your appeal

In the first instance all that is required is for you to return the page enclosed with the decision which is usually for sending something back to them. Just a simple "I wish to appeal your decision not to award DLA" is enough to start the ball rolling. When they contact you for further information which is sometimes just a letter booking a time to phone you have your "worst day scenario" ready to talk them through as if that is a normal day for you. The added information coming from the doctor will help, but please don`t delay sending in the "Wish to appeal note" as if it not with them within 28 days they will not backdate your claim.

Hope this helps

Take care
I know quite a few people who have applied for DLA, and I agree that they don't appear to read the responses to the questions.

The norm seems to be that they refuse automatically AT LEAST TWICE.sometimes 3 times. I would imagine, from experience, that this puts off a lot of people and they don't appeal. Maybe this is policy for just such a scenario?

APPEAL AND KEEP ON APPEALING, that way you get all your back money from first applying, whereas if you let it go and then apply again they only have to pay you from your second application.

Please don't give up. This is what they want.
The secret is to get it right first time. Sure, many appeals do succeed, but they are stressful.
The statistics are clear on this: if you get external help from a qualified person - social worker/welfare rights professional/CAB - then you are much more likely to get the right rate, first off. This is serious money, and it is worth spending some serious time on it.