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Don't know - assessment confusion - help needed! -Carers UK Forum

Don't know - assessment confusion - help needed!

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Hi All,

I was offered a carers assessment awhile ago, but with my own hospital appointmenta and having to go into for operations etc. I have not been able to go for one.
I rang Crossroads the other week to sort one out. They said they would contact me when I could have one done.
My Mum who I care for had to have her care plan reviewed 2 weeks ago. I mentioned to the her nurse who did it, that I had asked Crossroads for the Assessment for me. Then I had a call on my answer machine, offering me one down at the hospital. The earlies they could give me was Aug 9th.
The person from Crossroads rang me yesterday, I explained that I had been offered one on Aug 9th.
He said to ask what they would offer me ,and then get back to him to see what they offered.
I am confused totally now, I thought it they were all the same gerneral thing.
I just don't don't who to have it with now. Crossroads is one is not to do with Social Services, its called something else. I just can't find the leaflet on it.

Any advice would help me. I feel I am getting in a bit of a pickle on this one.
Love Sonia xxxx
Confusing isn't it!

Now I may be wrong here, but it sounds like 2 different things.

A Carer's Assessment is usually carried out by the Social Services - they have a legal duty to carry it out, just as they have a legal duty of care for your mum.

Crossroads is a charity and they will no doubt have their own assessment process for getting access to their services.

In some cases a Local authrority can contract out their legal assessment duties to a third party. So it's possible that Crossroads could be doing them for the council? But I think from what you've said it's more likely that there are 2 differnet processes.

I'm also confused as to why you have to go to thospital to get an assessment - good practice is to carry it out at your home.

read more about carer's assessments here
http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... assessment

best wishes

Hi Matt,

Yes it can be confusing. Funny enough I have just taken a call from the Carers Assessment, that I can have done at my local hospital. The lady is based there, and its easier for me to do it there, as I have a very nosey Lab doggie.!!!!! I asked her what the differants would be having it with her instead of Crossroads. It would seem, that they offer an assessment for everyone. But she also deals with Mental Health as well as Dememtia's. This is what my Mum suffers with, so I have booked one with her for Aug time. They both offer the same general assessment, but its the mental health part that I have to deal with as well as two forms of Dememtia.
Thanks for your reply. Feeling less confused.
Love Sonia xxxx