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Dundee attack

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I know a lot of people on here stuck up for the cat that was dropped in awheelie bin but has anyone heard about the attack by two rottweillers on the 10 year old girl in Dundee? Poor wee lass is in hospital badly hurt. They dragged her off her bike and attacked her. Surely this is worse than what happened to the cat - yet there does not seem to be the same outcry about that. What does everyone think?

Good point Eun, I saw the story on the news and noticed there was nowhere near as much of an outcry as there was about the woman and the cat.

Thanks for the link Rosemary.
The difference is that the woman committed a wanton act of cruelty, the dogs, while the outcome was far, far worse, did not.
And until something is done to prevent uncrupulous puppy farmers who breed entirely for profit, without thought for the consequences, this sort of thing will keep on happening. No responsible breeder breeds from animals with 'suspect' tendencies, quite the reverse.

And my heart bleeds for that poor little girl.
It's a real shame. That poor little girl AND also those two dogs actually.
Not all Rottweilers are wicked and vicious.
Not all Dobermans are ditto.
Not all Alsatians are ditto.

It all depends on the breeding and how and by whom they were brought up.

It's not the little girl's fault. It's not the dogs' faults.
It's the owner. Again and again, it's the owner.

So sad.
I was attacked by a small terrier when I was 4 years old. I did nothing wrong - I was sitting on the edge of the pavement playing with my doll when it struck. I still have a scar at the side of my lip and I am now 51.

I don't think that you can ever entirely trust any animal and a lot of people attribute human tendencies to their pets which don't exist - they are simply anthromorphosising their pets.

Plus I always argued with my husband that you could not smell the cat in my mothers house. It was not until I married and moved out that I realised that yes you actually could. No matter how clean someone is you can smell if they keep an animal (cat, dog, hamster, even goldfish).

Thats why we don't have any animals in the house - I really don't think its hygenic - yuck.

I asked my cats what they thought about the above comment, Scampi said: "It fails to recognise that animals have a far more highly developed olfactory sense than humans, humans don't realise how offensive we find their body odour and the synthetic chemicals which they use to mask it, yuk." Polly said: "What does the poster mean when she says that having animals in the house is unhygeinic? Our home is immaculate, doesn't she know that we have to wear paw covers indoors Image ?". Image
I've never heard of the word 'anthromorphosise'. Thanks for that Eun, I understand what it means, just never heard it before.
Image Sorry Fran I must have eaten alphabet soup or swallowed a dictionary Image

They shred the sofas, leave cat hair everywhere, wake me up at ungodly hours when they feel like snack or a cuddle, one of them is even sitting between me and the keyboard now getting annoyed with me for typing rather than stroking her, and maybe they do make the house smell, although it smells fine to me, but you know what, home wouldnt be home without my cats.

As for being unhygenic..you wash your hands before you eat and when handling food and drink (but you do that anyway) and you keep them off food preparation surfaces...'simples'.

Oh and you don't kiss the back of their heads...do you? cough cough.