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moan about disabled van insurance - Carers UK Forum

moan about disabled van insurance

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I have a second hand van with lowered floor, ramp etc, I was paying around £300 a year for insurance, my insurance has shot up to £400.
There are basically only 2 insurance places I can use, the rest won't insure my van because it's modified.
I have been asked to supply engineers reports, a safety certificate from the firm who carried out the work, I need the price of the modifications and original invoice for the ramp.
Well my vans 14 years old, I don't have the invoices, I don';t have an engineers report.
I cannot go all these sites you see on tv as they cover cars not vans, I am paying more because i am disabled.
That happened to us to when we had our own van. Then you had the maintenance and safety checks that had to be carried out on the tailgate lift every 6 months - that cost us an absolute fortune. Our van was 13 years old.

We have now gone the motability route and have a big Renault Master with a tailgate lift - don't have the problems with the insurance etc now but the initial deposit was over £7.000 and of course that is money we will never see again. The van is 2 years old now so in another 3 years we'll have to start again and probably have to find an even bigger deposit. Like you I feel we're being penalised for being more disabled. If son and I weren't we could have gone with an ordinary car and nil deposit.

This is a picture of our son in the van on holiday in York last year.

We have a third- or fourth-hand van adapted with a ramp, lowered floor, etc. It is insured with NFU Mutual, who gave us no hassle. It may have helped that we had a previous (non-adapted) vehicle insured with them, but that would not have made any difference to the information they will have needed. I think that not all branches of NFU Mutual are as clued up as the one we use, so try them at 01507 600249 or Louth_Agency@nfumutual.co.uk (watch out for the underscore).
NFU are absolutely brilliant. OH has had van insurance with them, also a modified jeep. They also have a monthly payment plan at no extra cost. At least ask your local office for a quote.

Take care
I think when we had the van insurance it was with a company called Fish who were quite reasonable then but I don't know what it costs now cos as I say we are under Motability just now.


Just a thought - was the van adapted by one of the specialist firms? If so, just telling the insurer who it was should be enough.
I didn't have any trouble at all insuring mine.
Although we don't use a van or modified vehicle of any sort, we use FISH, too. Due to the many changes in PA drivers, it's the only company we've found where, you don't have to have a 'named' driver on the insurance. Otherwise, each time we changed PA, we would have to ring up and change the documents, which is totally impractical for us.
FISH have been totally helpful in every way so far, but sorry I don't know about vans/people carriers etc.