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dont no if iam comeing or going

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I do hope that they arrange the palliative care nurses quickly for you. I really can't understand why they discharged your husband before everything had been arranged properly. As you say, you need proper nursing support,and you need it now! It's so hard to see the person you love most suffering. Take care.
holding my hand yes thankyou i need it i just wish it would all end its so hard and i am feeling my strenth draing away with my tears x
Hope the palliative care arrives soon
(((Hugs))) Fairy magic.... and a hand from me too if it helps.

Hope you get some help really soon.

Take care
hi well the palative nures came today and she seemed ok she said it was madness for anyone to think that i could cope 24 hours a day with terry she wants him to go in a nuresing home the one he went into a while back for at least 2 or 3 weeks she said any one could see iwas exsusted and i needed that much time to get back on my feet she also said that she would like to see terry going there for good quit soon because he is so ill and he is going to get worse she also wants terry to let them no if the worses happerns dose he want to be resusetated she said thay have to ask because his wishes must be met she hasent asked terry that yet but she did talk to him about the nuresing home he told her he can see how worn out i am and he would feel safe there cause thay can look arfter his neck lots of other things were said most of it i cant rember but i cant see him being aloued to go because it cost to much its the only one in this area that can look after neck breathers thay took a week away from him so he could not go there when i had my foot done i think i do need the rest but i am not sure about him going there for good i no he is getting worse i no it will have to happern oh i dont no i cant think so much to thinkabout guilt i feel usless inaderquit sad upset i am not sure about any think any more i need to find a hole or somethink i can hide in talk to you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I second that, Audrey.

Take care
You most certainly are not useless or inadequate, there is no reason for you to feel guilty for one second. I have huge respect for what you are doing. These words could not, it seems, be used for some of the other people you have had the misfortune to come across, however. You seem to have confidence in the nursing home, which is good, and apparently Terry liked it too. Fingers crossed that the P nurse can arrange something for you both, very soon. Take care.
Fairy, dont seek out a hole. Seek out a warm comfy bed and snuggle up tight. I think this P Nurse is the first person to really care about you both (apart from us here) and i think She Will Make it Happen.
I third it.
i wish i could get into a nice warm bed and feel some warm comferting arms to hold me tight and make things better but i will have to makedo with a hot warter bottle and some coco Image ,hopefully things will turn around this comeing week we will see,terry is still very much the same sleeps most of the time keeps on its hard to breath i am hopeing the warter that i got to go on ox mite help he had that in hospital so i got intouch with the doc and she arranged it and it got done today ,when that nures came the carera that washes terry turnd up she showerd him dressed him then came and sat down with us took all of 15 mins then offerd to make terry a cup of tea then asked how dose he have it then she left the nures was very well seemed a bit put out when she went up staires and saw the barth room floor was coverd in warter and saw the bag of wee she went mad she said i am not haveing this wonder what she is going to do i am glad she saw that any way i am going to try and get some sleep now got me bottle and coco love to you my frends bless bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
This nurse sounds brilliant, just a shame you can't have her 24/7. I know you have had trouble with the carers for a while. It's good that the nurse saw what a mess it was. No matter how much you tell someone something, it's just not the same as seeing it for yourself. Hope you manage to get some quality sleep tonight.
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