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dont no if iam comeing or going

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what have i done Image
when terry went in there he was on strong antebiotics he finished them 4 days ago and i did notice he didnt look well today that place is ment to be a nurseing home that deals with neck breathers and thay could not understand him i feel so sick about it all
If I hadn't come across this sort of thing before I'd find it hard to believe, fairymagic. You need to talk to the people who arranged for Terry to move there and make a complaint straight away. Is Terry still in hospital?
I'm so, so sorry. More big hugs from me. I really can't understand what on earth is going on. Every single person you come across seems incapable of doing their jobs properly. I do hope they keep him in hospital now until they sort out somewhere which really is suitable. Words seem so hopelessly inadequate, but I wanted you to know that I care, and offer a bit of moral support, like your other friends here on the forum.
Like Audrey and Bowlingbun, I too am absolutely appalled at the treatment you two have received. It's nothing short of criminal! Image
I have no answers for you, but just wanted to know you are in my thoughts and I really hope things get 100% better for you both.
I thought things couldn`t get worse for you and Terry, but just how wrong was that?

Hope you have made a formal complaint about their failure to adequately care for Terry. I don`t know what the world is coming to.

Thinking about you and sending you hugs.

Take care
I'm absolutely fuming at what I have just read...and people wonder why so many are reluctant to place their relatives in nursing or care homes? This is the reason why. Image

Ann, I am slightly nervy about posting this but I am going to..I hope you understand the spirit in which it is intended. Have you got a digital camera? If so, make sure you take it with you wherever Terry is. If he has to return to that nursing home, take it when you visit.

There is nothing like photographic proof of bad care to make people sit up and take notice. Terry has been treated appallingly, so have you and steps need to be taken to make sure that this can't happen again.

I can't begin to think how you are feeling, this is a bad enough time for you both but please Ann..you didn't do anything wrong. It's not a case of "what have I done" it's what they haven't done that is causing the problem.

I'm glad you summoned up enough fire to give them hell..use that fire and make a formal complaint. x
no matter how itryed i could not sleep last night i am so upset i feel i let terry down i no its not me but thats how it feels i phoned the care home terry is still at hospital i made a conplaint so the maneger phone me me back full of silly crap every time i spoke she had somethink to say she even lied she said the nures who looks after terry had phoned her and she had said phone amblance i just said i am many things but not stupid the bloody nures wasnt even there it was her day off i will investagate she said and send you a letter i phoned the socal s answer machine still havent got back every think is so hard for me becuse i am very shy so its it causes me so many problems doc said its why i cant go out on my own but its more than that but thats me i wish i could do more but its so hard and there is no one to turn to i no i have a family but most of the time thay choose to stay away my daughter was moaning yesterday why is it always me that has to go to hospital with you kids arnt at school next week but i still got to come down no one is going to see terry unless i beg if no one comes i cant go i am so fed up begging for help just to live a normal life i am not daft or mental just need a bit of help and when i do get any help it gose wrong and it starts all over agian
Fairymagic, I feel so sorry for you! It makes you wonder why there are professionals. Pity your daughter can't give more help - without complaining!!!!

Ann that is just sooooo appalling Image Image
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