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dont no if iam comeing or going - Carers UK Forum

dont no if iam comeing or going

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i am so unhappy idont no what to do with my self any more, i have been feeling down for a long time allways stressed trying to care wishing it was over yet not , but i think i am hitting rockbottom now,it all started last friday terry had a hospital apontment at 9/30 amblance pick him up at 8 so you get acouple of hours to do jobs that need doing anyway by late arfternoon i am phoneing hospital looking for terry oh he is wateing for transport be home soon i thought he had tests so didnt worry to much by 6/30 he came home he did look ill he had been waiting for transpot since 10 that morning no drink no food i phoned them and went mad i told them he was a very sick man and was a diabetic iwas told next time make sure he has food and drink with him i just said f****you anyway saterday he was not well sunday he started to get really bad could not breath hadent eatern since thursday then stated to cought up blood so called amblance the hospital sent him home late that night with loads of pills saying he had bad chest infetsion monday no better stated to smell so bad like rotting flesh i found his groins looked like boiling warter had been poured over him a terrable site (the care had been in and washed him)i called doc she said the pills will probly help but she would tell dns (all this over the phone) to swab nextday thay didnt come till the day arfter, wensday at 4.30 the hospital phoned asked me to call an amblance cause this doc was looking at terrys results from sunday and said he should not have been sent home on sunday because he is very ill i new it now i cant sleep icant think proply i am scaed the phone is going to ring i am scaed it wont seeing him laying there all the tubes not really noing your there i feel guilty and yet i wish this was the end but i no it wont be my point is dns carers gps whats the point what good are thay for terry and me none
You are going through a lot at the moment.It sounds as though you are living a nightmare.
I have no answers,just wanted to send a ((((((hug))))) you way.
I hope that things improve and that you get a bit more support soon.xx
So sorry and ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) are all I can offer to.
You've been let down by everyone who is supposed to help you Image Image
Fairymagic, it's disgusting the way your OH was treated. Give them hell!
Just wanted to send some ((( hugs ))) xx
I really do not know what to say, Ann, you and Terry have consistently received the most appalling service from the NHS despite your efforts to have things put right. Making a compliant via the hospital's PALS should improve the current situation but it cannot put right the damage which has already been done. I wish I could turn the clock back for you, I cannot but I do often think of you both and I just hope that it is not too late and that things improve for you, I feel so sad for you both Image .

The treatment your OH has been given is quite disgusting, I would definately complain to PALS.
I do hope he is getting proper care now.
(((HUGS))) and Best wishes
well he is still in hospital seems a little better but on ox all the time was on a drip at night now he has it all the time he has got the hump cause thay take blood every couple of hours me i have been bizzey decorating painting every thing in site looks like a new house the liveing room is lovely chimmlybrest is cream with red and gold flowers on it the rest of the walls are chocolate milk shake i even painted a big picture of red flowers and some knitted pilows in red in fact i have gone mad i think its done me some good if i sit down i get worked up i cant let that happern i no it isent going to take much to knock me down i new that before terry went in i have noticed i am getting very mad at time see red even want to smash things (my own) or throw them away a couple of times i have even cut myself al thou i havent done that for a few months now and the doc new it was when terry was attaking me ,i am going to try and see doc this week and i will tell her i am not copeing i no decorating the house was good but i have been working from early in the morning till late at night i dont think i can keep that up for much longer i dont no what else to do i no iam go to break down soon and its hell and i bet when the tiredness hit he will come home then what being able to write some of the things down on here dose help and i am greatfull for this site and the lovely coments thankyou and big hugs to you x
I always think that when I have some nervous energy I should use it to good effect, but you have taken working it out to a whole new level. Why don't you give yourself a relaxing treat as a reward, perhaps a shampoo and blow dry, or a massage? You are going to burn yourself out completely, although I understand how anxious you are at the moment. It's really important that you see the doctor before your husband comes home - then sit and have a coffee in your beautiful new home!
Your decorating sounds lovely Image
When my oh was 'in' I decorated like crazy too, between hours of visiting and work! I just couldn't settle at home, but by the time he came home I was exhausted!!
So take it easy
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