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Neighbours care

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I am currently a carer for my partner who is a home haemodialysis patient.

My neighbour 2 doors down has been told this week that she has acute, chronic kidney disease. At present she has one failed kidney and one working about 20%. She has been told that she might need to go on dialysis in the future, but the doctor's don't know for certain yet.

Can I just ask.... Has anyone on here had any experience of 2 people in such close proximity having renal failure? If the neighbour does go onto dialysis is there the possibilty (or likelihood) that the hospital will ask me to dialyse her? While I wouldn't object I'm just wondering if anyone else has previously experienced such circumstances.


I shouldn't think so ,they would have to have qualified nurses(unless you are). Hygiene laws for something like this would be extremely important.
I care for my son who has Downs Syndrome and Type 1 Diabetes. NHS could not ask me to go and test a neighbours blood sugar using the equipment we use, because how do they know I will change the needle on the blood testing monitor and maintain strict hygiene rules on my neighbour?
You are not responsible for your neighbour, they are.
Interesting. I am not a qualified nurse, but my partner that I care for is a theatre nurse. She recently lost the graft on her arm for inserting her needles and had to get a neck line put in. She is the first person from NHS Highland to be allowed to dialyse at home using lines because they felt confident in both my ability to ensure a sterile room for her dialysis and her ability to ensure a sterile field while putting herself on/taking herself off dialysis.

My partner's graft was replaced last week with a fistula and they are just waiting for that to mature before they start using it. Hopefully it will work. She is currently dialysing at the renal unit because they had to move her lines when they put in the fistula and they've been having some problems getting the lines to work, but all being well this week she should be coming back to home dialysis next week.