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Changes to Care Package without concent - Carers UK Forum

Changes to Care Package without concent

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Can anyone please give me advice?

We have a care package for my husband which was assessed by our old social worker, which was working well for both my husband and myself. The package was put in place to socially access my husband to the local community whilst providing me with some respite time. He was accessing the community 3-4 times a week.

My husband became quite unwell around Christmas time with one infection after another had several courses of antibiotics and he also had a change of medication (which we knew might make him lethargic and tired) with the result he didn't want to go out quite so much perhaps twice a week, but we were managing to do things around the house with the support workers.

About 8 weeks ago our new social worker phoned me to tell me that the support company wanted to withdraw their service because my husband was not fulfilling social activities. I explained the situation regarding his health to the social worker who said we should monitor it. Last week the social worker called again to say the care company wanted to reduce the hours, I was then later told that it wasn't the support manager who had suggested this but our social worker, so now I have no idea who to believe.

I've decided to ask the support workers to record every activity they do with my husband as well as where they go with him. This week they have been out every day doing one activity or another.

Has anyone else experienced this being told contradictory things and if so what did you do

I can only think that if it is the social worker who has suggested this he could be trying to cut costs but or last social worker said that we had a very modest package and if anything the care hours would only increase. Confusing!

Hi CheeChee ... the following ink will be of assistance here :

https://www.scope.org.uk/support/disabl ... e-overview

Cuts and changes to social care


Re-assessments and reviews
Cuts to your care package
Problems with direct payments
Closure of services

How to complain
Find expert help
What next?

By clicking on any of the above sections , the guidance provided by SCOPE will appear.
Thanks Chris I've had a quick look at that link and it looks good, so I'll have a proper read when I get a minute to myself.

Thanks again
Your welcome.