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i will be having a care agency coming to see me this week to talk about a care plan for my 85 year old mother .she cannot walk and has just been diagnosed with mixed dementia.we have had a ceiling hoist fitted which we are slowly getting used to.just wondered ,when carers come in do they bring anything with them i.e wet wipes , dry wipes gloves etc.i will ask when they come for a chat ,but wondered what others had experienced.many thanks jane .
Hi Jane,
I hope it goes well for you.
Carers should bring gloves and also a thin plastic apron. When they leave, they will dispose of them. I used to supply bin liners which they would put in the black rubbish bags. I used to supply wet wipes and they were disposed of too. Your council website should say how to dispose of clinical waste. It isn't medical waste. In our borough some people believed it was clinical waste and it all went into yellow bags and was collected on special days. It was easier to put it in the normal rubbish bags, but well wrapped up separately. That is permitted here but I could always prove it by showing the council website.
I bought Mamia sensitive wet wipes from Aldi, or the cheapest ones from Waitrose. The Aldi ones were cheapest and they had nicer packaging, with a firm closable plastic opening on one side.
What kind of wipes etc. are needed is likely to depend on the company.
You would also supply shower cream for washing, shampoo etc. but I suppose that is obvious. Any incontinence products: the NHS will supply some up to a certain amount, and if more are needed, you get them.

There will be a care plan which the careworkers fill in and leave for you, so you can check up what they have done - to a certain extent, and if they've filled it in sensibly.
Hi Jane
Yes I had much the same experience on supplies as mentioned above, I also got an extra Black bin for general household waste from the council , so they emptied both on the usual black bin day, a godsend when there is medical waste to dispose of.
I would also recommend a keybox outside if you haven't alreay got one, labeling kitchen cupboards and removing any valuables from the house (speaking from experience- it keeps the stress levels down!)
Nappy bags make a cheap alternative for waste disposal . I would also recommend a good supply of kitchen paper towels as nurses, carers don't like drying their hands on fabric towels.
hiya greta,thanks for your comments.some of the feminine wet wipes seemed a bit pricey.are the aldi mamia wipes,baby wipes? they seem cheaper,but i wasnt sure whether to buy them or not.take care jane.
I would also suggest that you made it VERY clear that they had access to certain areas, and definitely not others. Ideally have locks fitted to your own parts of the property. Definitely remove any valuables from "their" areas, or they'll disappear. My mum even had her cutlery, especially teaspoons of all things, disappear. Until I bought some dreadful ones from ebay. They stayed! Do not "help". After the first couple of days, leave them to it, go out for a walk, go shopping, anything but help. This is YOUR time off.
hiya henrietta,thanks for your comments,i will definately be getting some nappy bags and kitchen paper.the only waste we will be having is from toileting at the moment,so i would think that would go with the usual household waste.there is so much to think about ,i am hopeing to be a bit more sorted by the end of march.i havent been able to work since december.i do have a good boss ,who went through a similer situation with his own mum.thanks again.jane.
Hi Jane,
Baby wipes would be suitable. If your Mum has sensitive skin, then by the unfragranced ones.

The Mamia wipes are unfragranced baby wipes for sensitive skin, but obviously you can buy similar ones elsewhere.
https://www.aldi.co.uk/mamia-sensitive- ... 8004800000
Lidl also has wet wipes. I've been buying Tena 3 in 1 wipes and Tena no rinse wash cream from Weldricks pharmacy online. The wipes are larger than baby wipes- good for cleaning up big messes. Weldricks had much better prices than Amazon.