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Does The Forum Think..... - Carers UK Forum

Does The Forum Think.....

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there are any topics taboo here.Issues cares dare not raise,matters that dare not speak their name?.Now,nothing illegal.I mean those topics which you just dont dare touch.Could have called this thread "DONT GO THERE!"

So,what topics come under the dont go there tag?.
there is enough filth in the world where ones can discuss taboo topics etc at least keep this site clean coffeex
I would think seeing as we are all adults we should be able to discuss anything as long as its within the forum rules.
Anything that is not illegal i guess and it does not get personal
Oh gosh,I was not even thinking of anything in the adult line folks.

I meant,frankly,any topics that just are too upsetting or too disturbing which impact on carers?.I was considering,in that context,racism,questions of other attitudes,bias,stigma,all that.Farthest from my mind was the pointless discussion,as I see it,of adult themes.Theres enough of that stuff on the net.I was thinking of more carer-relevent aspects.

Maybe I did not make myself clear enough.SORRY.

How apt,though,this threads title,"Does The Forum Think".Seems the answer is "Yes".But,we seem to be slightly on differing wavelengths.
The English of Shakespeare,of Orwell,of the greats,though so rich,seems to be prone to misunderstanding within the limits of forum threads.Im sorry I was not more clear at the start.While some might wish to develop the line on adult content,as a "Taboo",I would not bother.

There are richer,deeper,more meaningfull things within the thread.
For those of us that care for a partner there is the issue of enforced celibacy which can make you feel very lonely and depressed.A marriage or relationship becoming completely sexless due to illness and care needs shouldnt be too much of a taboo subject to discuss i hope!
Not so much too taboo as too typical Image
Speaking personally if I find a thread upsets my own moral sensibilities I just don't join in !

"I may not agree with what you say, but I defend your right to say it " Image Image Image
A few thoughts come from excellent responces so-far,Yes,we are,or should be "Adults" though reading some threads,I do wonder.

I too,prefere,rarther then censor,to,if a thread is not my thing,I just dont get into it.

(Maybe we should give threads ratings? "PG" "18" etc.,but Im only being playfull saying that)

I think,if we respect each other,dont bully,are not racist,biggotted,or biased with any of the other "isms" mankind sufferes with,we manage here.Its as much as one can expect,"Tolerance".
I don't post very much on any of the forum topics because I don't very often find them that helpful or supportive. But I just wanted to add to this thread the subject of relationships. That is the physical, emotional, and psychological impact on a relationship when a partner becomes a carer for the one they love. It is not just about enforced celibacy though that is a part of it.
Society expects us to stay loyal and faithful and monogomous because anything else is seen as sordid or distasteful. Why should our own lives and needs be stopped in their tracks purely because our partners have been .. and why should we not legitimately be able to claim a part of our lives for ourselves and seek comfort from others who understand, rather than living solely for another person...

I don't have the answers I merely raise the questions...