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Does technology have an important role? - Carers UK Forum

Does technology have an important role?

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Can you live without your mobile phone? Does technology have an important role to play in the lives of carers? We are carrying out a survey on carers’ experiences of technology and the impact it might have had on their caring role.

Please click the link to take part in the survey, thank you Image


I hate it when I move up to an older category group.... Image
Done the survey.

Would have liked the chance to make a comment here and there, e.g. my mobile phone is not so much 'useful in managing' caring, as being reassurance that I am contactable - or it would be, if Vodafone's service was reliable around here!

nice to see you in the wrinklies Rosemary Image Image Image Image
Done, i just about managed to stay in the under 39 group, ( cant say that after April ) Image
I did it on Facebook, but disappointed in the employment question(20).
I am working fulltime as a Carer, so would have appreciated somewhere with that question to leave a comment,as I had to tick not working.
My mobile phone is vital, I have to be contactable at all times. My husband had an eye haemorrhage one day when I was walking down the beach and I needed to get home urgently to take him to hospital as well as phone our daughter to be at the hosue when Ben returned from the day centre.
I think technology does have a potentially very important role in Caring. That is why I bang on and on, when the oppertunity presents it's self, about free or concesionary fees on courses teaching IT and computer related skills, for all Carers. Also with the the number of modern mobile phones like iphones, people my well benifet from instruction in getting the most from their divice (the instructions that come with the phones are a bit scant).
I too was disappointed with the employment question. No I'm not working, yes I'd love to, no can't see it ever happening whilst I'm caring for OH.

Mobile phone is essential else my caree would barely leave my side. Also have set alarms on caree's mob. for when to take medication.
Internet access keeps me sane by talking to other carers and accessing all sorts of info and for ordering the main food shopping.
Have considered an alarm (to wear round neck etc) for falls, in case caree couldn't get to mobile phone from pocket but he wasn't keen.
Apart from that not aware of any other technology available.