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What car do i get? Help me please!!! - Carers UK Forum

What car do i get? Help me please!!!

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My husband's motability car is up for renewal in march and we've just had a letter saying we should be thinking about what car to get next.

I am a fully paid up feminist but have to admit other than driving I havent got a clue about cars. I wouldn't even know how to open the bonnet of our current car and we've had it nearly three years Image

What i do know is that we seem to be spending an awful lot on petrol these days so i would prefer the new car to do more miles per gallon or should i say kilometres per litre lol

At the moment we have a Ford C Max which is great for access to the back and front seats and has plenty of boot space for the wheelchair. It's also good because the boot doesn't have a lip (not the right technical word..but i don't know what the technical word is lol) but i mean i can sort of slide it in and out rather than having to heave it in and out over the 'lip'.

The problem is it is positively guzzling petrol.

So i would like the new car to be easily accessible, back and front seats as i not only need to drive my husband but also my mom who in her seventies. It needs enough boot space for a wheelchair, no 'lip' on the boot and it needs to be better than the c max for petrol consumption.

Any suggestions on cars i should maybe consider would be very welcome.


I used a Citreon Berlingo Multispace.
They do absolutely everything and are good on petrol.
4 good sized seats, massive boot with no 'lip'
My husband didn't even have to bend his head much to get in as they're very high
Also used one when I worked for Meals on Wheels because they do everything.
A lot of disabled people use them.
Hope this helps
Ps. I wouldn't have got rid of it but we bought a campervan so hubby could have a sleep when we go out.
i love the nissan qashqui i have only in september took delivery of our second one the first was a 1500 petrol and i got 38 miles to the gallon and thought that was good compaired to the renalt scenic i had before it, but this one is a 1500 diesel and what a diference 3 years and fuel make. i am getting 46 miles to the gallon and 59 on motorway runs.

my son is in a large adult wheelchair, he can transfer into the front seat with no problem as they are nice and high, he also uses the back seat on occassion without any problem, the boot space is large enough for the chair and weekly shop for 3. there is a slight lip BUT the boot is low so taking the chair in and out is not a problem, i have to consider this as i have a heart problem myself so need to watch.

We have a car through motorbility a vauxhall Zafira , its ideal for lyns wheel chair or scooter , depending where we are going . but the new meriva ( known as the zafiras baby brother ) has a lot of space , good on petrol and has the new flexi doors which I have heard through friends is brill for getting in and out . Image

hope this helps but remember to get a vehicle that is a requirement to your needs . Image
After ten years with the Zafira, I test drove the Meriva but ended up buying a Nissan Note, diesel. It delivers around 54 mpg, which is quite incredible for a car that is also very sporty roomy, and fun to drive. But it doesnt have such a large capacity boot nor the low level lip, so its horses for courses really.
Belle, if you look at the Motability website, the car listings also give miles per gallon figures so you can compare them.

They are also "pushing" diesels at present: this page offers comparisons between similar petrol/diesel versions, including the C Max, which may be worth a look

motability diesel comparisons

Motability Main site
Hi Belle,

Put your request (anonymised) on facebook - something a lot of carers will be interested in - have a look for some more suggestions


Thanks everyone. I'll definitely have a look a the links and the cars you have mentioned. I really do need some help with this Image
From the motability site:
Tip 3. Petrol or diesel?
Petrol and diesel engines have different effects on the environment. Engines powered by diesel generally produce less CO2 but more air quality pollutant emissions than their petrol counterparts. But which one should you choose? As a rule of thumb, if most of the driving you do is long distance or motorway driving, then consider a diesel engine for fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. On the other hand if you spend more time in town, where air quality is a greater consideration, then a petrol engine may be better suited.
Now i'm stumped. It seems that deisel is cheaper to run than petrol but as i do mostly town driving can i live with the guilt knowing i am adding to poor air quality if i choose deisel?
Some diesels now come with catalytic converters to help with emissions, and a well-tuned and maintained diesel is almost as clean as a petrol one - the key words being well-maintained, a must on Motability contracts.