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I believe that before this country or government gives our money away it should solve the majority of its own problems in its own back yard. There are far too many to mention, but the causes in this country are overwhelming.Why in this day and age do some hospitals rely on charities to provide things like scanners etc, the government should pay.
We give 11 billion pounds every year to the EU, why ?, we get nothing back.Councils cutting back on homecare because the government is not giving them enough money to pay for the increasing elderly population, it is all wrong, before they give our money away they must first sort out our countries own problems.
In a modern country like britain we should have no people living on our streets, we should not have dangerous hospitals where the elderly have to fear that they will not come out alive, we should not have nurses leaving the job because they cannot afford to live on the wages that this government payes them, just think what could be done with the billions of pounds that our government gives away every year?
I do believe in giving to charity, but i always make sure that i give to charities that do work in this country first and foremost.
Alot of the money that goes to these charity groups is taken up with administration costs
and it makes me sick.
This country needs to do more for its own before it does anything for other countries.

hear Hear!
Thanks myrtle: Am i too radical for you?

Me???? No way!!!
Hello myrtle: Just something else for your imformation on this subject.
Today i have found out that our dear chancellor, Mr.Gordon Brown, gives away in aid to African countries alone, the sum of one hundred and forty pounds per English household, can you imagine what that amount of money could do for the people of this country.
Most of these african countries are run by dictators and the people who the money is meant to go to never actually never see any off it, it is spent on exotic palaces for the leaders and their cronies, private jets and swiss bank accounts, it sickens me?

Best wishes Tony
Just going off topic a little I spotted this in the Tesco free magazine yesterday - if anyone has any old postage stamps RNIB would love to have them - they can raise around £1.50 a kilo for UK stamps and £10 a kilo for foreign stamps - for every £1 raised, RNIB spends 84p directly helping blind and partially sighted people, 14p on raising more vital funds and 2p on administration.

The address is RNIB, PO Box 6198, Leighton Buzzard LU7 9XT - with Mum's sight problems this is a charity very close to my heart, if you can help then please do.


Paula xx
There you hit the nail on the head, Paula. Gordon Brown chucks our money at everyone else but us. When we need anything, from essential hospital equipment down, we have to raise the money ourselves Image Image
It makes me so cross as most of the money which could be better spent at home just goes to gild the mansions of tin pot dictators and doesn't reach those in need.