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Nobody noticed?!

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My son M. is 33, has severe learning difficulties due to brain damage at birth, some things he can do normally, but other things not at all. He has speech and language problems. He comes home alternate weekends, before the support worker had even left, he'd got the bottle of Buttercup cough syrup out. Then he wanted sore throat lozenges and went to bed early because he wasn't feeling good. Spent most of the day curled up on the settee feeling sorry for himself, hot and sweaty head but ice cold hands, didn't even want his tea, unheard of! He's now gone to bed, dosed up with Benylin, paracetamol etc. If he's not better in the morning I'm going to call the doctor. I'm so annoyed that from what he's told me today he hasn't been feeling well all week, but has been working in the gardens in cold and damp conditions when he should have been inside. Surely an organisation paid to care for someone with language difficulties should be able to spot when a client was ill and take appropriate action? Eldest son says the problem is they don't care!
That's terrible!
I hope the benylin and paracetamol does the trick and he feels better tomorrow morning.
That's awful! So worrying when they are responsible for his welfare and do not spot something like that.
Hope he is feeling better today.
Will you have words with them on Monday, Bowling?
I'm not sure, will probably email them when I get home. Otherwise too many words might come out, many of them learned from my steam friends! However, M. and I are meeting his new social worker at his flat at 9am, before he goes to day services, so I will most definitely mention it to her. It will be interesting to see what she thinks.
Bowling-that's shocking, and outrageous, but the sad thing is, we are reading of, and hearing of more and more cases of this type of thing happening Image Image
Yesterday I had the lurgy too! In bed by 8pm still cold despite a quilt and bedspread, zero energy today.
Hope you're feeling better today
Thanks Jane, still feeling a bit rough, but drove over to Alton to get an ebay purchase today, had a great journey, lovely and sunny, for a change. There is a blanket 40mph speed limit in the New Forest, so I really enjoyed going for a long fairly fast drive to blow the cobwebs away, even if I did pop into Boots to get more Benylin whilst there!
Hi, Bowling, hope you are feeling better today