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Does anyone know..

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Is there a way we can dispose of mums 'pads' more hygienically than putting them in her ordinary household bin? They are not the usual, incontinent pads, just verey large panty pads.
In my experience it depends on whether your LA classifies them as clinical waste and has a clinical waste bin service. Our LA has the service but, unlike the NHS, does not classify pads as clinical waste so we are not entitled to the bin or the collection service. This has become a major problem for me with the fortnightly household waste collections, the best that our LA can offer me is the larger size bin intended for large families which I would have to pay for and which does not solve the problem of having pads hanging around for up to a fortnight, longer if the refuse collectors miss our bin which they frequently do.
Thanks, yes it is a problem,and a smelly one at that! I think I'll ask at my local chemist for advice, who knows? they maybe able to point us in the right direction..hopefully
Hi Val,

I tend to use the 'nappy' bags from the supermarket - Sainsburys, Tescos et al all do cheap packs of them in their 'basics' ranges and then put the bagged pads into the general waste.

I treat them as I would babies disposable nappies Image Image Image
Thanks, now why didn't I think of that?...lol
as with Susie, pad in a nappy bag, then in a bin liner in a bin with a tight lid, twist the top of the bin liner each time, and when full out with the general rubbish. Clean, hygienic and no smell Image
I use nappy sacks too - my Gran is only bladder incontinent, so I can only say that using nappy sacks is a hygenic way to wrap the pads which I then throw in the general waste. I just treat it as I do my little ones nappies! I found a slimline bin in B&Q which fits neatly next to the toilet frame and which means I have a discreet place to chuck the pads - I have to empty the bin a couple of times a day, but it is much nicer than having to carry pads through the house individually. Image
Thanks for all your replies. I bought mum the nappy sacks yesterday, I hope she'll use them, but I think her arthritic hands may prove a problem getting them out of the pack. I'm off in a little while to shower her and do the usual household stuff, washing etc. My brother and I gutted her bedroom yesterday, getting rid of the big double bed and replacing it with an orthopedic, single bed, we had off Ebay, her room is so much bigger now and gives her plenty of space and less risk to tumble over the clutter. We threw loads of binbags full of junk away, clothes, books, junk jewellry. She said she didn't sleep well though, new bed, new room etc, I hope she'll soon get used to it.
Hi, what do you think of the nappy sacks you can buy? I am currently working with the Princes Trust to help me develop a new range for disabled people to help protect their dignity.
Mum is a little embarrassed to have a nappy sack box on the top of her toilet, they are aimed at babies and I think that's unfair.
Would love to know your thoughts? x
Like Myrtle and susie, I used to use superdrugs basic range, and then put the whole thing in a carrier bag, tie it, and put it out with the waste.