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Hospital Discharge

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Apparently Dad is now medically fit for discharge so I have rung a few agencies to try and get a care package in place. I have an assessment with one tomorrow at the hospital. I'm assuming they won't be able to begin any potential package until next Monday at the earliest (with a friendly word in their ear) but not sure I will be able to delay things any longer than that. Dad tells me every time I visit that he spends all night calling for me and I never come and no one will tell him where I am. He is not likely to be any better when he comes out and I will be back to square one asking for help fromt he GP which will mess up his medication the hospital have given him to get him "stable".
Will he be what they call a self funder Because otherwise social services can put all sorts of obstacles in the way, in my experience
Hi Colin -yes he is a self funder.
Any obstacles within reason welcome by me. The longer he stays in hospital the better.
Well I have an agency willing and able to care for Dad from Wednesday next week but I've just had the hospital on the phone. They need their acute bed and will be contacting SS to see if they can send him to a temporary care home until Wednesday next week when he can return home with a care package in place. No mention of who will be funding this- me I suppose :(
No, it should be them. No contract to pay = no legal right for payment!
BB - Please explain more?

Rant Alert- just been to hospital- yes they still want to throw Dad out and they have rung SS and per SS Dad will have to pay the bill because he is a self funder.
So now for the rant- how come I keep hearing about all these bed blockers who can't leave hospital because no care package in place? It seems when Dad is in that situation, they just boot him out (not at all well still) and send him a whopping bill of £1500 for a week before care agency can fit him in. I'm feeling angry/sick/annoyed etc right now. Only reason Dad has over the limit for funding is because he's always been so careful and muggins here has paid him"housekeeping" for 30 odd years , scrimped and scraped and provided free care for the last 3 years.
Is it reasonable to take a payment for my care work provided upto date retrospectively? That surely can't be seen as deprivation of assets so long as it's accounted for? Feeling like kicking a cat if I had one! (sorry cat lovers- I love them too!) Will take myself off for a long dog walk instead.
Still no go on the CHC front- have been fobbed off saying he doesn't need enough "nursing care" beyond leg ulcers which District Nurse can do". The fact he can't stand up unaided, is constantly on the commode, has had constant infections for nearly 12 months, acute kidney failure-( they have picked up to bottom end of stage 4CKD) can't see much, can't hear much, has more advanced Dementia now and wasn't eating last time he was at home does not make him qualify. Oh did I mention the leg ulcers, pressure sores and fractured spine?
Rant over- I need a nice walk.
BB is the expert on unsafe discharges, but I don't see why you can't charge him for care retrospectively. I don't see why you've done so much free of charge so far!
Can SS really find a home for him for this week?
It does sound as if his health system should be reviewed.
I have had the Attendance Allowance but maybe I should be charging for a week of care 35 hours at £10.00 at least.
Were you involved in the CHC Assessment? Contract law is pretty straightforward, a contract for payment only exists where there is "offer" and "acceptance". So have you offered anything to anyone? Doesn't sound like it to me. Sounds like there is a contract forming between the hospital and a care home.
I suggest that you ring the helpline asap, or email them. Also ring the CEO of the hospital, and say dad is unfit for discharge if he needs to go to a nursing home because of his ailments. After all, he's been in and out repeatedly in the last couple of years.
I'd be tempted to write to the CEO and say that you believe the discharge is unsafe, and you will NOT pay for the home. Two can play at "Call my Bluff". Really though, you need the helpline for this. It won't be difficult for you to work out how much care you've given dad, because you've devoted pretty well your whole life to him for years, when not working. However, as you are a paid carer, you know exactly what you are charged out at! You are also on call at night, so £1,000 a week, £52,000 a year....!
Just read your last email, you really are selling yourself short. Take off the number of hours you work, then multiply that by an hourly rate, or think how much a live in carer costs, and count that.