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Discrimination discussion thread - Carers UK Forum

Discrimination discussion thread

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I know we started to touch on the story of our experiences of discrimination in the Sainsbury's thread but I thought we'd better shift it into a thread of it's own so it's more visible to others, plus we don't want to get the thread locked for wondering off topic Image

I also wanted to share the details of hubby and the limb fiasco simply because the work around I thought of might be a help to other amputees (those who've read my pages on squidoo will already know about it).

The day hubby went to fetch his limb sticks in my mind well - it was a cold autumn day and he had a pre-booked appointment with amputee rehabillitation, which I didn't attend with him because I'd been up all night the night before and we couldn't really afford the bus fare for me to go there and back with him.

We knew he'd got to fetch his limb because something had gone wrong and that was the second one he'd had made (his first one went walkies in the Royal Mail system somewhere). So he picked up the limb and went all the way back to the bus depot and the driver refused to let him on the bus once he knew what cargo he had with him - he wouldn't even place it in the boot or anything.

Hubby ended up having to take it back to Amputee Rehabillitation and leave it there. A few days later, I got to thinking. I had hubby take his leg off and strip it down as his other leg was, then I released the catch that triggers the knee mechanism so that the leg would bend. From there, I was able to place it in my 2 wheeled shopping trolley so it wasn't visible to anyone who saw the trolley.

Ultimately, that was how I bought the spare limb home and the bus driver was none the wiser about the cargo I was carrying.
First posted this in Sainsbury thread, but then I saw this one Image

I'm glad you found a way around it, but it's not really on that you had to hide it in your bag.

When Grace first got ill she'd end up stumbling or be suddenly unable to carry on walking on her own (it comes with the conditions) so I'd just scoop her up and carry her through the high street. We're pretty sure everyone just thought she was drunk.

People have such a narrow view of what disability is. It's like it only counts if you're in a wheelchair (and can't even stand for short periods). Then again, Grace doesn't have any obvious visually physical impairment so even then people still don't get it Image
Before my oh was dx he had a number of unexplained 'happenings'. He took the dog for a walk and 10 minutes later a woman I knew vaguely knocked on the door and told me, with great disgust, that my husband had fallen down, drunk. And no, she hadn't bothered to ask him if he was ok, just turned her nose up and skirted round him.
We also had an assistant in B&Q when my oh was on his scooter. We wanted a new shed, some fencing and a gate for which we had a lovely young lad to sort us out, but he couldn't use the tills they use for deliveries. He found us a woman to do that, then we realised we'd forgotten the hinges so we left oh with the woman and went for hinges. The woman shouted after him that he's taken the customer to which he replied that the customer was next to her, but when we got back 2 minutes later she'd gone and left oh sitting there on his own. The lad was furious and soooo embarrassed.
And yes, I did complain.
Bertie, one could argue that we didn't "have" to hide it in the bag... we could have easily waited another 2 weeks and made the journey in an ambulance car (which leaves to option of an even longer wait to get home) but I prefer to have both hubby's limbs at home since a common fault with the design of the limbs is that the limb tends to chew through the cabling for the knee release mechanism. If you imagine a bike brake cable running from just below your hip to approximately half way down your lower leg, you've got a good idea of this cable.

Although it is possible to over ride that particular area of the mechanism, I no longer like hubby doing it because he caught his finger between the two halves of his limb one day and it just would not stop bleeding. It took ages to get it to heal, too