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New Underwear? - Carers UK Forum

New Underwear?

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Is it just me (think not) or do all us carers completely forget our own needs, but always ensure everyone else's are catered for?

A simple thing like underwear for example.

I always seem to be buying clothing/underwear for the kids and my OH, but suddenly realised my underwear drawer looked very sad indeed.

So with this in mind, I waited for an opportunity (and time to gather a bit of cash) to pop into town and did it!
Yes, I bought new underwear, for myself, just me, no one else, even found enough bravery to try on the bra's first!

Now this may not seem like a big thing, but for some reason I always feel guilty spending money on myself and rarely have the time to go shopping on my own.

It feels like a guilty pleasure ! Image

I am sure I'm not alone on this one, it would be interesting to find out what other personal items carers go without

Congratulations! You say it might not sound like a big thing, but I know it is. Go for it and spend on yourself (even if it is just for essentials!). Oh yes it's so easy to let our needs slip when looking after our carees.
I've not hit the underwear problem yet (this worries me. Is it coming? Image ) but I've done it with food and other things.
Hi Bertiebear....

Thanks for the encouragement
Keep an eye on the underwear, I didn't realise I was just wearing my old 'workwear' all the time, all my pretties went in the bin long ago and didn't get replaced....
Let this be a lesson to all ladies..
Underwear creeps up on you, one day there's loads, next day there's holes Image

A bit of 'guilty pleasure' could soon be in order Image
whilst I was ironing the other day I noticed DS boxers were looking pretty bedraggled so I pointed this out and suggested he bought some more
His reply 'But I pay board'
me 'Yes you do that covers food and utilites not underwear'
DS ' but don't mums buy everyones pants' Image

Besides my Going to the doctors pair I think mine are looking a bit dismal too
it must be a ladies problem because as a dad i have enough socks and pants to last me a life time,the main reason for this is christmas and birthdays,the same goes for the rest of my clothes supply as well,
LOL Malc, definitely a ladies problem - would you buy your female friends underwear??
I wouldn't buy my best mate undies and I've known her for ages Image
Sturdygirl, this is SO not just you.

S always looks presentable - from his underwear, through to his outer layers ... I'm totally scruffy and literally wear clothes out. What with my friend came last spring and sorting out my clothes and taking away stuff she reckoned wasn't fit for purpose and lots of my trousers splitting at the knees, I'm now short of clothes...

Well done for replenishing your undies drawer!!

Well done, and yes I totally get where you're coming from.
It may amuse you all to hear about the stupid thing I did last night. Its not new underwear I need so much as new nightdresses. It was very cold when I was going to bed last night so I had a bright idea (I thought) when I am heating up the wheatbag in the microwave why don't I warm up my nightie (t shirt type thingie) while I am at it? Only set my new nightdress on fire didn't I - had to put the bloomin thing in the bin - I only got it as part of my birthday in August. So much for my bright idea Image Image