Well what a week, I have come out in another blotchy red area, thought it was meds but I am not taking anything and this is third week, and the third week of stress. I came home yesterday in tears for second day running and I am worried that I am going to get callled and spoke to again, yet it's not me making things dificult. I have been told that when I have a quiet word with fellow TA this TA thinks we are talking about her ( were not) I made judgement call the other day, it was right call to make but I stopped the wrong person, so now when I ask this TA to do something she ignores me and asks the teacher, guess what the teacher asked her to do the same thing I asked her to do. I am keeping diary and I am not alone but it's so hard, knowing I am always the first to be called in even if I now it's not all me. I know I am not the only one having problems which helps.

I have a week to go before half term just hope I last but if it gets to much I will take time off, I have meeting with union rep Monday.

My eldest has hurt her foot, ligarments and sprained ankle so bad they have had to put into a cast, so off to fracture clinic in 10 days, just hope it's not fractured or broken as they can't tell, they said Not but not sure. Roll on half term.

Thanks for reading x