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Does anyone esle feel like this? - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Does anyone esle feel like this?

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Hi Monica,

I teach in a special school and school politics can be quite something can't they?

I always say I need one area of my life to be going smoothly and I can cope if school or home are going ok. If there is stress at both - this is awful, as there is no escape.

I would definitely consult your union for advice.

Do you feel the floating TA position would suit you and give you enough job satisfaction? If so, go with it. Maybe it is also time to be looking at the ads to see what other jobs are available. It might be time for a change of school. Sometimes just knowing that you are on the look out for somewhere else can ease the feeling of stress.

What ages do you work with? Do you support SEN kids in m/s or special school?

I work in school that is for children with special needs, I like the KS I am in, love most of the staff, we are all different. Floating I don't know?? I am told I am good at my job, just last week I was told the reason I am getting people's backs up is because I do my job well.

Well seeing union tomorrow, see what they ahve to offer and lets see what sort of week I have.

I hope you have a better week, Monica and the union are helpful.

There seem to be lots of positives as well as the unpleasantness. You seem to have reservations re the floating. Have you written down the pros and cons f staying as you are V floating to weigh it up objectively. If floating is not for you, can you think of what would ease the situation for you. Sometimes it is good to have an idea and then get the union to help you negiotate for that.

The special school I worked in before this one, people used to say, "Oh Melly, she is SO professional," (because I worked hard and actually taught the kids,) they weren't be complimentary but derogatory! I stuck it for six years (until I got S out) and then I looked for something else and got the job where I am. It is very wearing working in a culture/ethos that is different from your own.

I have just resigned from my TA position as the whole ethos of the place changed for the worse.
The whole of last year was very difficult, verging on impossible, not just for me but all the support staff.
I wrote down the pros and cons.

Pros 1
Cons a whole page full.

I'm signed off with stess for the duration of my notice and as it sank in that I no longer had to cope with all that on top of my home situation a great weight lifted and I felt like me again.
I don't regret leaving for one second.

So take a good look at everything, think about what you want and the means to achieve it, then go from there.
Good luck xx

Well Done and Good Luck

They obviously dont know a good thing when they get one..........im appalled at how many carers are being abused by co-workers..........what is wrong with the people of this world ?

All i can say is im glad your stress is already lifting, you shouldnt be under any stress other than your own circumstances make.

XXX Mandy
Hi all

Just a quick update, had to change my meds and now I have had a bad reaction, red blotches, hives and feeling unwell, so no more of that medication, and to top it all (work) someone else got pulled into the office about how they spoke to other people, so I was not alone, I am pleased it was not just me and it has made me realise that the person doing the complaining is the one with the problem not me and other TA's.

Well another good weekend but I am still feeling tired, ten days and I have week off Yay.....

Take care all
Work is a nasty place, and the main reason is the people. I have no idea why this should be so, but it is. Now I have the perfect job, I work from home and never, ever see my boss or indeed my colleagues from one year to the next. It is all done on the phone or by email: no politics, perfect!
My work turned into a very nasty place................I don't go there any more Image

I am 43, trust me my bloods will be fine, but I have had the worst 2 days of hell at work. I am getting to know a couple of new team members and they find me abit full on, instead of coming to me they go to another team member who, I don't really have much to do with and the next thing I know I am getting pulled into the office and told off basically, I said sorry to everyone and this memebr of staff says she can't cope with ppl who are up and down, hello we can't all be happy go lucky. I am so distressed that I don't want to go to work and the past 2 days not slept due to feeling even more stressed.

Sorry for moaning but I am fed up, I am human you can come over and say are you ok, I thought you were a bit abrupt or sharpe. oh well may be time to look for a new job......so sad Image I love my job!!!
Just ask for a personal and confidential meeting with your HR/Personel manager, and tell him/her exactly what you have written here. Ask them to make a file record of the discussion, but say that you do not wish to raise a formal complaint at this stage, just keep it on the file. Oh, and make sure you keep your Trades Union subscription up to date.

Maybe I'm a bit unusual but now, when dim and vicious people start to seriously mess me around at work, I dont get mad, I play things by the book, keep meticulous records, and start to calculate how much this is going to cost them.
You are definitely not alone in feeling like this!
I have been back at work for a mth now after being off for 2 mths with depression. Was feeling anxious, tired, snappy etc and I just knew I was going to succumb to another 'episode' so went and saw my GP who luckily knows all about me and hubby and my Mum. I am back on the AD tabs which seem to be helping me cope with the day to day stuff.
Luckily most of my colleagues are great and know what I am going through, but even if they didnt I would not let them get me that down that I would consider packing my job in, if it was a job I loved!

Hang on in there! Image