Doctors Subscriptions

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I would like some advice on how to fill in a doctors subscription, I wasn't given much help at my local chemist & have returned home and not found any useful information on the internet, can anyone help...
Thank you
Did you leave the form with the chemist or pharmacist?

Is this in England?
Has he Doctor given you a slip of paper with the name of the medication written on it?
Do you really mean subscription, or prescription? A prescription in the UK is usually printed in green, there will be your name, address etc. at the top and then details of the medication.

There is usually a charge for this unless you are on a low income, over pension age..and there are a few other things that might make it free, which I can't remember.

Just give it to any chemist and he/she will either charge you, or get you to sign that you are exempt (which means you don't have to pay). Then they will dispense the prescribed medicine.