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Doctor! Who who caresssss !!

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in between feeling lonely and over eating as most carers do I was able to watch doctor who and Clara confirmed that she is not in fact the good doctors assistant but is his main carer. we all know that carers uk like a celebrity or two so I thought they could request the services of Clara as a carers ambassador in time, she could move forward in time and report back to the carer charities' with the good news that's if the carers allowance is to be raised in the future .. however she may just be a waste of space and time ......
I know that several of the males in my family would love Clara to be their carer - whether they needed a carer or not !
Thomas wrote: ''however she may just be a waste of space and time ......''

I don't watch Doctor Who, but your ending made me chuckle. A waste of space and time is the conclusion I came to about a specialist I was recently sent to. He became weirdly obsessed with my stomach. Well, my stomach is my one organ that is still working relatively well. Why waste time on investigating that when many of my other organs/systems are obviously in pretty bad shape?

I asked him to explain the sudden stomach obsession. He just sat there looking stunned (as if he'd never even considered this before). Yet he didn't change course (a lot of them seem to struggle with this), and said that if I didn't go ahead with the stomach camera thing, I'd be discharged from his ''care'' (aka time wasting).

So, obviously I chose to say no to the stomach camera thing and was, quite frankly, elated to be getting shot of him into the bargain. I left his smelly room on cloud 9, while he watched me scoot off in my wheelchair with a look of bewilderment on his face. Lmao.

Incidently, when i mentioned him to his colleagues, they either laughed about him or pulled annoyed faces. It seems he is not popular. I would feel sorry for him if he wasn't such a stupid time waster. But he is. So stuff him (<polite version). I later found out he's not just a doctor, but also a surgeon. I wonder if he is a stomach surgeon, is bored with doctoring, and was trying to recruit some candidates for surgery. Well, not me mate. Try elsewhere...... :roll: :lol: