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Attempted break in at mums mon night. - Carers UK Forum

Attempted break in at mums mon night.

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They smashed her kitchen window , rattled the letterbox, and scared her very much.
Thank goodness they couldnt get in, the double glazing stopped them getting in.
Now council and housing association are rehousing her in the next few days into an urgent instant access available sheltered little studio flat near to me which is going to be wonderful for her and me.
She will miss her bungalow and garden but her safety is paramount.
the police were fantastic,
they are keeping an eye on her property
they visited again today to make sure she is ok.
The council and housing officer are very supportive ,
I cant thank everyone involved enough for their support and help.
If they had got in, I dread to think what might have happened to her.
What a horrible world this is when our elderly citizens live in fear in thier own homes.
Thank goodness she is OK Butterfly but what a shame she had to go through that awful experience, my heart goes out to both of you ((((((((hugs)))))))))

Butterfly that is so terrible - your poor Mum must have been so scared. Unfortunately these kind of cowardly thugs prey on the elderly and vulnerable who are easy targets

So glad that all the relevant authorities have got onto to it straight away and although it will be wrench for your Mum to leave her home at least she will be safe.

((((hugs))) to you both
At any age something like that is horrible and I'm glad she will be moving into a safer place.
((((((((hugs))))))))))) Butterfly.
Although what happened to make your Mum so terrified was such a wrongful act on the part of ...........well, words can't describe them, but as I always try to think, something positive and good has come out of their terrible deed.
Has to make us think - so who's the winner in all this - you and your Mum! Bless her heart.
Give her a big cuddle from me, please Image
A big hug from me too butterfly - I´ll raise a glass for many happy years in her new home for your mum. Bell x
That is awful!
hope your mum is ok, and very glad that no one got in and that she is being looked after
Thank you.
My granny used to say,
"out of evil comes good".
Moving Mum Tuesday next.