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Do you want to be a writer? - Carers UK Forum

Do you want to be a writer?

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I would love to write but I don't have the confidence to go to a writing class (if I could even get to one). I think I might well be rubbish and worry that we would have to read out our writing to our classmates, so my failings would be obvious to all !

Literature used to be a passion of mine. My love of literature was awakened by my French teacher when we first studied a French book by Francois Mauriac. I loved reading at school.

However I went to study literature at uni and it became a production line - read 3 books by an author a week, write an essay about it. I have not read a novel since leaving university as a result. It became a job to me. (Sad, I think.)

The teacher who awakened my love of literature, and who I really respected, told us that writing a novel was a very difficult thing to do. I have always thought I would not be able to do it, as a result

I would like to try scriptwriting for television, perhaps, though.Do you know how I could get started? Do you know who to submit scripts to to get them on screen?

Also, I wonder if any carers centres have ever put on creative writing courses? Do other carers ever get the urge to start writing?
The old dolls cousin MARKY JAMES could not read or write till his 30`s ??? he went to writing class and has in fact wrote a few books one being the BYKER LION give it a go .
Yea, give it a go, Cherish. I can't advise on where to go, or who to submit to - but just get a notbook and write - worry about where to send it to later! I'm fairly sure that you wouldn't be rubbish, given the fact that you've studied literature - you know that you're good - believe in yourself. Even the most famous writers have probably had refusals at some stage. The thing is, you won't know unless you try! How about starting in women's magazines?
Whatever you decide - I wish you all the best xx
go for it,,
the best books r fueled by a passion to write in the first place

do it!
Go for it, and enjoy it.

You might want to ask your Carers Assessment team if you could have a grant towards a course. I did a Creative writing course a few years ago, and had a bursary from the PRCT. I did it at home, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I earned a few pounds writing letters to magazines, but can't settle down to enough time to think properly for longer articles.Haven't written for a while now, except to write my own thoughts down.
My enjoyment was inspired by my English Teahcer in school, who always told me I could make a career out of it, but my parents would never have allowed that, and I didn't write for a long time then, and don't have the same inspiration now.

Good luck.
im no genius with the oen i can tell you.but there was none more shocked than i when,earlyer this year,i,a total lifelong flop at the medium,won a poetry competion.poetry was never my thing.but it was the topic,time,its whole impact on us,that seemed to cunjur words.i think if you find your story you will find the words to tell it with.everyone has a story within them,if its one short story,poam etc,its there,waiting.so,do look within yourself.Image
As many have advised, 'go for it' Image . I'm a great believer in courses of any kind they give us carers an opportunity to have a break form the normal day and all the stresses and stains that they can bring. I think, if you have an idea of something you would like to try ...just try it.

A writing course is a good idea, just think of the freedom you could achieved (all be it in your minds eye). every one has a book in them, it just needs to be teased out and encouraged. Good luck Image

I also think that all carers should get concessionary rates for course fees. Not all carers are on means tested benefits or job seekers allowance Image