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Do you use agency workers?

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At the moment I am using two types of care providers. One is a well known national care agency who are good. The other is a private carer who is very good. The national company says they CRB the applicants before they send the staff and I believe they do. I didn't ask for a CRB for the private carer as she came extremely well recommended.

My previous carers were a small agency and another private carer. The private carer was good but the smaller private agency was appalling. One of their carers proudly boasted that her family had disowned her due to her "bad behaviour" and my mother absolutely hated her. Even though the agency said they CRB check their staff I don't believe them. I constantly had to pick up cigarette butts which were just thrown in the garden.

So, I have had to experiences with two private carers who had/has not been CRB checked but their care has been good and one care agency who supposedly CRB checked their staff but they were inexperienced and rude. In my opinion, a private carer provides good quality care because it's their own business whereas certain agency carers (not all) know they will be paid no matter how inadequate their care is.
Also worth thinking about the care workers health and agency insurance. Ben has been out with an excellent worker,who has very mild epilepsy(which I hadn't been told about). He had no problems for four years, and then had a seizure when he was out with a client. There were a few issues, and I asked advice. We did not want him to stop working with Ben,they made a good team, but we did need to ensure that Ben was safe, and in the event of another seizure, that Ben would not be sued if he did the wrong thing. (he was convinced that if his worker become ill, that he(Ben), could give him some lucozade to make him better, as Ben would have himself, for a low blood sugar).The care worker had to get a medical certificate from his GP, and we sorted out an emergency card so that if the ambulance needed to be called,that Ben would be taken along to the hospital also, until we could get there.Once we were aware of the medical condition, the agency insurance would not have covered our son in the event of a catastrophe, so we had to put safeguards into place. The agency did not inform me of these issues, and it was another parent who suggested me looking into it.
Yes the care agencies I've used in the past have all done the CRB checks on staff. The present agency I use also do the CRB check - I know because I applied for a job there and had to do the necessary paperwork and it cost something like £53.00 for a full check!! Needless to say I didn't go ahead with the job as Mum's health worsened and she needed my caring qualifications rather than the agency!

I still have my gripes with the agency staff though and I'm considering getting a private carer in to take the load off me. Trouble is I don't know how to go about employing someone on a private basis, how do I interview them? What questions do I ask? etc etc Most of all, where do I look for a GOOD carer?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Trouble is I don't know how to go about employing someone on a private basis, how do I interview them? What questions do I ask? etc etc Most of all, where do I look for a GOOD carer?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Elaine,

If you use Direct Payments to buy in a care service your social services dept should be able to help. Ours have an information pack that covers all this,includes templates for advertisements in media etc. You also have the option of employing someone known to you as long as not in same household.

There is also this site NCIL. They have a discussion board too.They are very helpful on there, both soc workers and service users.

Hope the above of some use to you

Hi Rosemary,

Thanks for the information that's really helpful, I've just had a quick peek but will take a longer look later. I'm just having a nosy around on Carers forum first Image

I do have Direct Payments which employs me as the sole carer for my mother. She was initially assessed 21/2 yrs ago and I got 22hrs a week (over 7 days). Her condition has become really bad and last November I asked for more hours and for Mum to be re-assessed. Well what a fiasco!! The social worker didn't know about Direct Payments (which is now changing to Self Directed Support) and she had to bring along a colleague to help her to assess Mum!!! Image That was last November and I'm still no further on, until I decided to write a letter of complaint which was sent on the 18th December 2009. Well that's another story - the letter got lost and had to be re-sent and finally 3 months after requesting some help, I've now got a meeting this Friday with the Area Social Services Manager. I think they now know how disgusted I am with the service (or should I say lack of it!). I'm hoping for a larger care package for Mum and some respite and more carer's to take the load off me! I'm not holding my breath though, what I want and what I get are two different things!!

I'll keep you posted but keep your fingers crossed for me for Friday Image
Thanks again,
Elaine, be prepared for them coming and do a rough plan of your own to cover the 7 days.Err on the side of caution and work as if each day is a bad day.
Dont answer this as personal ok but take on board, that if mam has incontinent problems at all, it will take longer for showering/getting dressed and will be more washing/drying of bedclothes and personal clothing.There is shopping,housework to consider and these things just for your mam.
Be firm in what you want and dont let them use lack of money as an excuse,especially as we are practically at the end of their financial year.
Include any disability aids that may help.May mean a visit by an OT but best to get it all done at once.I would definitely try the NCIL site though.

Good luck and keep us posted.You could start a new thread when you have any news so this one can remain about free care.

x x