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Benfotiamine-Alzheimers-Has anyone heard of this? - Carers UK Forum

Benfotiamine-Alzheimers-Has anyone heard of this?

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I belong to a forum for those with Diabetes, not the Diabetes UK one but a different one.

Recently a post appeared by a man who got a pretty rough ride from a few posters who thought he was trying to sell something. He has been using Benfotiamine on his wife on has Alzheimers with supposedly good results. Now before anyone shouts me down, I thought long and hard about posting this but I should really let you draw your own conclusions. I did suggest to him that he should post here but he doesn't seem to have taken up the suggestion, I note (courtesy of Google) that he has posted on an Alzheimers forum elsewhere.

This is the post: http://www.diabetes.co.uk/diabetes-foru ... =1&t=29487 and there are no prizes for guessing where I figure in the conversation. Imagination with forum names is not my strong point. Image

I think my opinion comes across pretty clear as well. Would like to know what you think?
Interesting one, Ladybird (almost didn't recognise you, by the way! Image )

Personal opinion: he referred to his wife as having diabetes and dementia (once you cut through the text a bit). Her diabetes was out of control and he got it back under control (with or without the help of the Benfotiamine, possibly with). Her dementia improved.

It's not terribly surprising.

If someone has dementia, the slightest extra thing wrong will make the dementia worse - e.g. UTIs. It's already known that diabetes incurs a greater risk of dementia...so add two plus two for a moment - stabilise the diabetes and she'll feel better.
I`m with Charles47 on this one.Any change,physical,emotional,enviromental,creates a negative response in most people at first,and in dementia everything negative tends to be highlighted and enlarged.My Fathers dementia was much worse when he had something as trivial as a cold,but once it was over he was much less fretful and confused. Image Image Image
Lbird, Image
i've been told that sleeping tablets and tablets for anxiety are a no go for the wife because they work on the brain receptors,he said he could get her sleeping great for 3 days but do i want my wife at the end of that time,i would find out how these tablets work before giving them to anybody,surely if they were thought suitable they would have been prescribed,zinc tablets have also been suggested on the web because zinc deficency is linked to alzheimers,i would try them but only after seeing the wife's consultant first,alzheimers is such a fragile disease and you don't want to tip the balance and see decline too quickly.
I hoped you wouldn't be offended by me posting the link. Image I had never heard of this Type 3 diabetes he mentions which apparently affects the brain rather than the pancreas.

I posted the only reputable links I could find, the BBC one which refers to the "usual" types of diabetes and the link from the American government medical site. It talks in double dutch but it was the paragraph at the bottom which caught my eye and which made me post.


Thank for your feedback folks.