DLA Refused

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I wish you well with your forthcoming battle. This scenario should never have been allowed to happen.

Private landlord or not I would get forms submitted for housing and council tax benefit (from your local authority) which covers both council and private landlords. The fact that your income is nil means you will be in the system and the landlord will, eventually, receive the rent for your property.

Take care
I contacted the DWP to enquire as to our appeal and was told they have requested information from Lynn's hip surgeon/specialist and are waiting for him to respond even though she has only seen him once. It again backs up my theory that they are not taking the claim form into consideration and for some reason concentrating on her recent hip replacement. Her hip problem is recent and should have no bearing on the DLA claim. If that is the case which I am sure it is our appeal has failed and we will have to go to a tribunal, I only hope the wait can be achieved financially as we have very little money left.
They'll be fixating on the idea that the hip replacement has cured whatever your wife's mobility and care needs are.
Have you requested the ATOS report and all other relevant paperwork including paperwork relating to previous claims yet? If not I suggest that you do, this should shed some light on why the claim was turned down but I suspect that Charles is right and that they are incorrectly ignoring the ongoing deteriorating conditions and just concentrating on the hip.
This is very frustrating how do I get them to look at the bigger picture instead of the hip?
When I contacted them by phone on the day we had the letter of refusal I spoke for 40 minutes about the claim and what I said was documented and was going to be read out at the appeal.
I think that your wife has to request her file, you then need to try to identify what went wrong, where the mistake was made, and then address that specifically as well as the wider issues.

I would pay particular attention to any medical report provided by ATOS as, whilst the DWP is only supposed to use these as part of the evidence for or against the claim, Decision-Makers have been found to be rubber-stamping these frequently grossly inaccurate reports prefering them to reports by GPs and specialists who know the patient. This is largely because DMs lack medical knowledge themselves but also because DWP Medical Services state that GPs and hospital specialists are not experts in the effect of illness and disability on function, care and mobility needs, I beg to differ, these are aspects of any proper medical assessment and GPs and specialists will be fully aware of typical limitations resulting from disease and disability. There has been a tribunal or commissioners judgement that the evidence of a medical practitioner who knows the patient should take precedence over that of a DWP medical assessor and if there is conflicting medical evidence I can try to find this for you to refer to in your submission.

Try also to gather medical, social care, etc. reports to support your appeal and get them to the Tribunal Service along with your submission in advance of the appeal date, this evidence must be pertinent to the time of the claim, and try to get your wife to attend the appeal along with a representative or if she cannot attend go to the appeal yourself, preferably with a representative, oral appeals have a far higher rate of success than paper appeals.