District nursing - definition of "housebound"

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bowlingbun wrote:
Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:09 am
Talk to Social Services, arrange for mum to have a Needs Assessment and you, a Carers Assessment. They have a legal duty to support you so you can keep working. Mum's needs will inevitably only increase and increase, sort this out now.
No sorry - NOT involving Social Services. My mothers needs have not really changed in 4 years - this change has only been brought about as a result of the district nursing service. No change in my mother's condition nor my circumstances.

I had a brief encounter with Social Services when my mother was discharged from rehab care following her accident and during an unsatisfactory home care package which we ended with mutual consent.

Further more I have learnt in a 30+ year career in Education which has occasionally brought me into direct and indirect contact with social services that they are best kept at arms length as interfering busy-bodies.

I know am I am not wrong in this assessment of SS as one of the first head teachers I served under also had a very healthy distrust of them and she was a lady of significant experience in school management. I also have an aquaintance with whom I share a hobby interest who also worked for Social Services when old enough to quit at the first possible opportunity did so.

Thus I will have no personal dealings with Social Services nor am I willing engage with them again.

I do not want my mother assessed and neither to I need to be assessed as a carer either. I know what she / I can do, can't do and what she / I am willing to do.

We will make my own decisions and not have a third party make them for us.

Sorry if I sound harsh but that is how it is.

Your choice entirely, but they might be able to persuade the DN's to be more sensible and helpful, as they have a statutory duty to provide support to carers who want to work.
they are best kept at arms length as interfering busy-bodies.
Couldn't agree more.
Is there a useable community transport scheme in your area? (I ask with caution, because the hospital transport scheme here which would lift my DH over the threshold did not cater for Gp/Nurses appointments and the community scheme which did, only accepted patients who could get over the doorstep by themselves).