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district nurses wont come in

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Dear fairymagic,
We know what a tough time you are having, feel free to share it with us. Caring can be such a lonely business. Take care.
Talk all you want or need to fairymagic, we're here for you xx
Hi Fairy

I'm sorry you're having trouble with the DNs again. Does the community matron come out to see you on a regular basis. Ours comes quite often and will ring to check on hubby if she can't come out.

Hope things are better today
A little while ago i had problems with nurses not coming and then i got in contact with our community matron .. and all was sorted ..Our Community matron is lovely great to get on with and a force to be reckon with gets things sorted
our matron is on hoilday but she be round to see us next week yes she is nice and she will go mad but thats the problem all will be fine then it starts agian i think the trouble is we have a ring of dns around us each one dose what thay think needs doing instead of reading the notes or doing whats on the notes thay all seem to think thay no better what i am going to say to the matron is i want the things the dn has to do put in large letters and thay must do whats on the list no matter what thay think thats all it would take but i dont no its simple really but life isent terry is not very well today i hope i didnt put it on him wishing he had got a bit ill yesterday x
how does one get in touch with a community matron please?
Our district nurses work 9am -5pm and my caree needs an injection just before sleep (8-9pm would be ok) -but when caree is in repite , she does not get it ,so have had to do a 50mile, 1 hour , round trip( every night) to give injection myself.We cannot have any respite, even though it's offered, till this is sorted out.
Normally its via your local gp surgery .. Our matron only works mon-fri upto 5pm
HI Flossie,
That's absolutely ridiculous. Whatever has happened to common sense? After all if you were ill someone would have to do it!
It was the DN's who refered my hubby to the matron (Ours is also a force to be recokened with)

The DNs office in my area is only open 9-6 but there are DNs who work through the night if you need them you have to contact the out of hours doctors who then send them out.
brogusblue-would that be our local gp or the one nearest to the respite house?(its 25-30 miles away).
bowlingbun- the out of hours service is co-ordinated at our local hospital and all they could suggest was for the respite staff to put DD in their car and take her to the hospital 25-30 miles away to have this 12 second injection(it's simple, like an epipen,) late at night,leaving the one other staff member to get every other caree off to bed.She didn't quite comprehend why I thought that was somewhat unhelpful,and got huffy.
If i got ill, DD would be in trouble Image
They did send a doctor to do it that time, but won't do it again.The doctor phoned me when she got to the respite house and was rather short with me too(,after asking how to give the injection.)
the respite staff aren't allowed to give any sort of injection, but can receive training from District Nurses . I'm not allowed to show the staff -but I'll have to go and give the DN's training in how to do it .It 'ain't difficult. I was shown in 5 mins.(but I can follow instructions Image )
We've been waiting since june last year for a training session to be arranged with me , DN's and respite staff.Tried various times since, but no luck.
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