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district nurses wont come in

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Thinking of you today and hope someone takes this matter in the serious way which it deserves.
Good luck from me too, fingers crossed that you will both now get the service which you are entitled to and deserve.
thay came the matron was nice and when i told her what had been going on at first i didnt think she was sure then when i said who one of the dn were she new ,then every think changed the maneger of the dn was there and thay both listernd then i just burst into tears and said i dont want to get any one in trouble all i want is terry to be cared for with dignerty and a bit of care not letting him down treating us like we are doing wrong and being pests,thay looked at his notes and saw thay were mucked up up side down and a page was missing, any way thay done some tests on him said he needed more care so the dn will be in every friday thay have even got him a new bed specil pads for his chair well thats what thay say the dn will be told and warnd if one thing is done to upset us heads will roll ,well i hope this happerns but i am afaird i wont hold my breath,i felt such a twit crying but once it startded i just couldnt stop any way thankyou for being there i dont feel so alone any more you are all lovely and specal and i thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
i dont mean there heads being chop of he he x
Oh Fairy, sounds like someone's head does deserve to be chopped off!!!! Image

Good on you. Keep an open mind until Friday comes and then take it easy till next Friday comes and so on.
The slightest change in things, you get straight back onto the phone.

We have the direct number to the chiropodist manager now, who's told us, yes TOLD us, to ring her if we don't like anything again and she'll sort it.

Keep posting, maybe every Friday????? (joking).

Take care and loads of loves. xxx
I'm glad things look like they could be getting better
Take care
Fingers crossed but it looks like a good result!
a very good friend of mine is a DN,, she said that the DN should have come straight out, with as many different sizes as poss, and just got on with it.. being left is just wrong and dangerous. she often goes out almost blindly to help people and she gets on with it. Never would she let this sort of thing happen on her watch

hope u get some proper answers as to why this was allowed to happen
hi everyone just to let you no how things are going all the fuss i made has ended up as a joke terry is in hospital has been there for over a week now he has mrsa in his lungs bladder and on his body ,when i made a fuss about the dns it made it worse thay would not come out to him thay only sent the agenys nurse and she was just a nasty mare the hospital are saying his health care is not good and are looking into it we will see,i had my op the other day i had to because walking was getting more and more painfull at the moment i wish i had not had it done the pain is horrid any way i cant go and see terry so thats a bit up setting the socal worker arrange for some help for me help me to get dressed shower make me somethink to eat ect when one of the first women came she said i am not here to help you just to see how you manage i said i cant but she wouldent heip me so i told her to get out and i wont let them in my son is helping the best he can but washing that sort of thing is a bit of a problem so all in all life stinks right now Image
Hi fairymagic,

Sorry to hear things are not going too well for you at the moment.

We have had similar issues with homecarers in the past when they spout the mantra "we are only here to supervise you showering yourself, not doing it for you" when careplan clearly states that dad needs assistance to shower properly, can not raise his arms to wash his hair or twist to wash his back and bottom or reach his legs and feet safely without losing his balance. Same with dressing he can not do it himself. If he could he wouldn`t need homecarers.

Hope your pain will ease soon and you will be able to visit your hubby in hospital. MRSA is all too common nowadays..........bring back the matrons and dedicated in house cleaning teams with proper daily rotas I always say.

Take care
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