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district nurses wont come in

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been up most of the night cause terry cant pee the tubing is bloked,the district nurse cant find him on there books so cant come out she is trying to find him ,then she is asking if he has the stuff thay need and what sizes no i say i dont know you ask me this every f*****g time i am so mad if he is not on the bloody books why the hell do i have all his notes Image i will give them another hour then i will phone doc or nhs direct it should not be like this its hard enough with out all this crap if i call an amblance thay will take him but the hospital go mad not at me but it still upsets me and him( i wish i was by the sea) Image
Try telling the DN that it is now a medical emergency, that she does not need the notes and can bring sufficient catheter sizes with her to match the current one and that you will hold her responsible for any harm which results from being left so long. Good luck but it might be worth getting your husband to A&E now rather than wait until it does become a medical emergency.
Hope you're both all right, Fairymagic. The DNs should have recognised this as a medical emergency and not pratted about.
I do hope you're ok.
thay did come in the end didnt have all the right stuff knocked him for six this has i will get in touch with some one in the morning i wont let this go on any more the nures were nice thay cleaned up some of the sores and left some dressings that are not any good for his skin thay do try told me if the bag didnt fill up by tonight i should call an amblance thay said he dose need more care thats all it ever is talk i will do somethink in the morning i will x
thankyou Image
Glad you got it sorted out.

I had similar issues when my wife needed a DN, in the end I gave up and took her to the doctors on a daily basis, much to the doctors annoyance but I said to him that if the DN's did their job properly then we wouldnt need to be there.

Funnily enough the very afternoon after that conversation with the doctor the DN's phoned and came round every single day without fail.

It annoys me the amount of rigmarole you have to go through every time to get things done the way that they should have been done in the first place.
Don't even get me started on District Nurses!!!!!!! My dad had catheter fitted and the district nurse was supposed to come out every week and change it. They did for a couple of weeks, but after they changed it I had him at A&E (same day sometimes) getting it changed as it had blocked. I tried to ring DN a couple of times in the morning but got nowhere. Tried the out of office number only to be told to wait until the office opened. Then when I did get through they couldn't tell me when the DN would get there - it would be sometime that day. My dad was alwasy in so much pain that I would just take him straight to A&E. Got talking to one of the male nurses once and he told me that he did a week with district nurses. He said he was given his jobs to do in the morning and had them done by lunch time. When he asked what he doing in the afternoon the DN's said that they make the jobs last all day and if some don't get done they leave them until the next day. As there was such a problem with them changing his catheter they stopped coming every week. I have no faith in district nurses now. Glad you got sorted though.
We had a catheter problem last week. My hubby has a superpubic catheter and we'd been sent the wrong size when DN came out to change it and it would have taken several days to get the right one. However I rang the urology dept of local hospital up and they gave me one so DN came back next day to fit it
Having said that hubby was in loads of pain last night so we had a trip tp local A&E and he has another urine infection so hes not well again. Drs in A&E thought it was probabl an infection picked up when tubing was changed.
Blockages to do with wee and poos are a serious matter and sometimes (as in hubby's case) a life-threatening matter. I can't believe that your DNs haven't really grasped your situation sensibly enough, it really is important that you talk to someone and get some help regularly.
We don't have DN's any more, except in emergencies, due to the lack of support. We do everything ourselves, saving them a lot of time and money in visiting us (cos they don't have to and never have had to do hubby's bowel stuff).
Get something sorted, this attitude isn't on.
i am sick of it all terry has had so many infections its got to the point if there is no wee in the bag i feel sick the last time he got ecoli i dont think that right but i hope you no what i mean and he was so bad i was told he mit not make it ,i was so up set that a tube could do so much harm and i think thay should handle it all with much more care mrsa is really narsty but thank god he has got over it now, the poor sod cant have the op because he is to ill ,thay are saying thay cant understand how he still alive and i am thinking no thanks to you lot, any way big hugs to you xxx
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